J-Novel announced during its Twitch livestream that it has licensed three new manga and two new light novel series. All titles will debut digitally with their first parts or chapters between October 12, 2022 and October 13, 2022.

Title: Lady Rose Just Wants to Be a Commoner manga
Creators: Yura Kiyose, Kooriame (original work), Hidakanami (character design)
Synopsis: When Felicia Schwarose’s engagement to the crown prince is broken off due to false charges, you’d expect her to be torn to pieces… but instead she’s jumping for joy. She may have been reincarnated as the protagonist of an otome game, but she wants nothing to do with high society. Thus, she becomes Fii Crow, a humble commoner earning her daily bread at a village bakery. All’s well that ends well? Not yet—the game’s love interests just won’t leave her alone.

Can Fii clear up misunderstandings, avoid triggering romantic (and dangerous) events, and get everyone out of her hair so she can live the peaceful commoner life of her dreams? Witness the story of a former noblewoman who won’t sit by and wait for happiness to come riding in on a white horse.

Title: Haibara’s Teenage New Game+ light novel
Creators: Kazuki Amamiya, Gin (illustration)
Synopsis: We all have embarrassing memories or deep regrets from high school, right? Socially anxious college senior Natsuki Haibara sure does. When he thinks back on that time of his life, all he has are fleeting fantasies of a happy adolescence that could have been. Imagine his bewilderment and surprise, then, when he inexplicably finds himself seven years in the past—one month before his first year of high school.

Can Haibara avoid his previous mistakes, make his way to the top of the school social pyramid, and end up with the girl of his dreams? Or will he be forced to relive three years of solitude as the most hated guy in school? He’ll need all the help he can get in order to succeed, from a workout regimen to online how-to guides, a childhood friend, and plenty of sheer willpower. Watch as Haibara takes a second shot at his teenage years.

Title: The Coppersmith’s Bride manga
Creator: namo
Synopsis: Shiina, a freshman in college, is enjoying a cozy life in Niigata Prefecture dating her coppersmith boyfriend, Shuu. She’s grown used to the rhythmic sound of his hammer, inwardly dubbing him the “smithing nut” for his obsession with hunkering down in the workshop, even on his days off.

What she’s not ready for is a sudden proposal out of nowhere. Barely out of high school, is she ready for the next step? And more importantly, can she really hack marrying into a prestigious smithing family?

Title: Young Lady Albert Is Courting Disaster manga
Creators: Tsukasa Satsuki, Saki (original work), Haduki Futaba (character design)
Synopsis: Meet Mary Albert, daughter of a rich and powerful duke. With her neat silver ringlets and impeccable manners, she’s the perfect young lady. But Mary harbors an unusual ambition—her own downfall.

On the day of her school entrance ceremony, Mary realizes she’s living in an otome game she played in her past life. Not only that, but she’s the villainess, destined to torment the heroine, be expelled from noble society, and end her story in ruin. Most would do anything to avoid such a miserable fate, but not Mary. She cheerfully dives into the wicked role she was born to play, setting a course for catastrophe.

However, not all goes to plan. Despite her best efforts to bully and harass the heroine, Alicia, the gentle girl seems blind to Mary’s intentions, even coming to see her as a friend. What must our villainess do to achieve her dreams of doom?

Title: These Legs Don’t Lie! Harumi-san’s Legacy as the Strongest Mimic light novel
Creators: Tsuyoshi Fujitaka, Yuunagi (illustration)
Synopsis: Harumi can’t remember much, like who she is or where she came from, but one thing’s for certain… she’s somehow been reborn as a treasure-chest-shaped monster—a mimic. And no sooner than she gets her bearings, she’s unceremoniously dumped into a labyrinth full of other monsters and told she must survive for at least five days.

Between treasure-hungry adventurers murdering their way through the labyrinth and monstrous rivals joining the fray, that won’t be an easy task for a newborn mimic. But although it seems like Harumi’s received the short end of the reincarnation stick, she has an invaluable asset on her side. They say that Helen of Troy’s face launched a thousand ships, and, well… it looks like Harumi’s legs can do the same.

Source: ANN