The episode opens with the final scene of the previous episode, where Yor kicks the kidnapper and he bounces against the buildings like a pinball. Keith, the leader of the students behind the bomb plot, tries to sic the other dog on Yor, but she turns and makes such an angry face at the dog that the dog runs off as it whimpers in fear. LOL! As this situation starts attracting the attention of passersby, Keith kicks the big white dog and runs off. Yor takes the leash off the dog and uses it to restrain the kidnapper she kicked.

As Yor uses a public telephone to call the police about the man and what she learned about the plan to use the dogs as bombs, Anya uses her telepathy and sees a vision in the dog’s mind about the future… and it shows that Loid is going to die. One thing she notices in the vision is a clock tower, and she decides she needs to get to that location to save Loid. Anya tells Yor that Loid forgot to take toilet paper with him when he went to the bathroom and that she needs to get some to him. Anya rides away on the large white dog, and all Yor can do is hurriedly get off the phone with the police… but, by then, Anya and the dog have gotten away.

This time, she and the dog successfully get to where they need to be. But then Anya realizes something… she doesn’t know how to tell time! This made me think back to the entrance exam Anya took early on in the series, and we distinctly and plainly saw that one of the questions was identifying the time on the clock… and that she put down some nonsensical answer, in order to show the audience that Anya doesn’t know how to tell time. When I remembered this fact, I thought that seeing this test question and her answer ended up being a great bit of foreshadowing. Anya remembers the positions of the clock hands, so she asks a nearby person when the clock would ring again. She’s given how many more minutes are left until then, but that doesn’t really help her in the long run.

Meanwhile, Keith and the remaining dog (with a bomb strapped onto him) are in a car that stops nearby. The large white dog notices and gets Anya out of the way so they can hide. The dog in the car suddenly jumps out, and he locates Anya and the large white dog. Fortunately, he doesn’t alert Keith to their presence, and the human gets the dog back in the car without ever noticing Anya. But right before Keith drives away, Anya sees in his mind that the door to the group’s headquarters has a bomb rigged to it and will be activated if someone opens the door.

So Anya decides to go to the headquarters to try to disarm the bomb. She finds a way to get inside without going through the door, but then discovers that the bomb in the room isn’t like the bombs that she’s seen on TV (where there’s just a blue wire and a red wire and the hero only has the stress of choosing the right one to cut) and that she doesn’t have any scissors. However, she does find a bottle of ketchup, and uses this to leave a message on the outside of the door. I thought this was a nice throwback to the episode where Loid was trying so hard to get Anya to apologize to Damian and wrote a message on her omelet with ketchup. So, unknown to Anya, Loid wrote her a message in ketchup. And now, unknown to Loid, Anya has left him a message written in ketchup.

I don’t want to say too much more about the episode so I don’t spoil what happens, but I will say that the episode ends with a great cliffhanger. I also realized I forgot to mention in the writeup for last week’s episode that I really love the large white dog’s bark (“Borf!”).

I do also want to mention that we get to see more of Handler, Loid’s boss, in this episode. She shows up to help interrogate the college students Loid and his colleagues have captured. By the end of this scene, Handler shows just how badass and “no nonense” that she is. While we’ve gotten some impression of this in how she speaks prior to this scene, seeing her in action like this was truly awesome.

The title of the next episode is “A NEW FAMILY MEMBER,” so it seems very safe to say that the large white dog will officially be joining the Forger family next week. I’m really looking forward to the next episode, not only to see how the cliffhanger is resolved, but to also see the dog officially joining the family.

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