Spy x Family is back! YAY!

After getting a brief recap of the basic concept of the series, we see the Forgers going to a “pet shop” (which is actually owned by the organization Loid works for that has trained war dogs), so Anya can get the dog she was promised for earning her first Stella. Let’s just say that none of these dogs are up to Anya’s standards. I couldn’t help laughing, though, when I saw the dogs in the background doing things like flexing their muscles to try to impress Anya and Yor. After rejecting the options the “shop” has available, the “pet shop owner” tells the family about an adoption event going on at the shelter that day. But just as they’re about to go, Loid sees someone giving him a signal that he has a new mission. Loid gives the excuse of having a stomachache and needing to go to the bathroom. When Yor suggests staying and waiting for Loid, Anya uses a swear word to explain how long he spends in the bathroom doing his business. I was amused and shocked at the same time. Anya, language!

Loid discovers his mission is to track down a group of college students who are planning to assassinate a politician during some peace talks going on between the East and the West. With relations between the two sides already on thin ice, a successful assassination would destroy any attempts that have been made at trying to achieve peace. After tricking someone the organization has captured into talking, it’s discovered that the plan is to use bombs attached to dogs to carry out the assassination. It’s now a race against time to try to find the assassins and the dogs, especially when they seem to piece together that the dogs were part of an old experiment called “Project Apple,” which bred animals to be highly intelligent.

A couple of the students are walking two of the dogs, one of which is the big white dog we saw at the end of Episode 11. As they walk by the adoption event at the shelter, Anya makes eye contact with the white dog and reads his mind, and what she sees surprises her: it’s her family. This piques Anya’s interest, so she sneaks out of the event and follows the students and the dogs to their hideout… which is basically across the street from the shelter. Unfortunately, Anya is caught by the students who threaten to kill her. The white dog breaks loose and tries to save Anya. At one point, the white dog shares with her an image of the future, which is the phone in the hideout ringing. As the students are distracted by the phone, the white dog and Anya sneak out. Anya rides atop the white dog, and Yor sees them dart past the shelter.

After a chase that ends with Anya and the white dog being cornered by the students, the episode ends with Yor swooping in and saving Anya. It was funny enough to see the guy she kicked bouncing against buildings like a pinball, but the reaction shots of the leader of the students and one of the dogs catapulted the humor up several more notches.

By the end of this episode, I fell in love with the white dog. It seems like his precognitive abilities are going to be a great match for Anya’s telepathic abilities. They seem to make a perfect pair, and I can’t wait until the dog becomes an official member of the found family (and we know it’s going to happen because of the new opening and ending credits).

Speaking of the new ending, there’s one shot that stands out to me, and it’s one where Loid and Yor discover that Anya was trying to cook in the kitchen and made quite the mess. Anya’s face is what stood out to me the most. Oh, that face!

I’m very happy to see that Spy x Family is back, and the first episode of the second cour didn’t disappoint. I’m really looking forward to next week in order to see how the story with the white dog is going to continue.

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