The episode opens showing Inspector Megure, Detective Takagi, and Detective Chiba arresting a man for murder, and the suspect happily agreeing with them. We then see Megure walking down the street, and as he passes Cafe Poirot, he’s approached by Kogoro who congratulates Megure for solving the murder so quickly. Megure says they arrested the wrong man, and Kogoro and Conan drag Megure to Kogoro’s office so he can explain everything. I had to let out a chuckle when Megure said under his breath, “I shouldn’t have come this way.”

Even though we had Kogoro and Conan running into Megure in this episode, this felt a lot more natural, since Kogoro lives upstairs from the cafe. My main issue with the trope of Conan and Kogoro running into Megure is when they just happen to be walking by as Megure and his team are investigating a crime. That, to me, always feels too coincidental and forced by the writers.

The next several minutes of the episode show what happened to lead up to the opening scene, as well as why it’s believed the wrong person was arrested, as Megure recounts what happened. The man in custody is quite the narcissist, and I found him to be quite annoying. I really liked the expressions Takagi and Chiba had as this suspect was going on about how perfect and great he is, because I could totally relate.

After Megure leaves, Conan gets deep in thought. After giving Kogoro a bit of a nudge, the two of them conduct their own investigation. At first, it seems like nothing is amiss… but as Conan starts picking up more information, he realizes the truth of what happened. Just as the police are about to let the man in custody go free, Conan uses the dart and bowtie trick to convey the truth behind the crime before it’s too late.

I’m sorry I’m not saying much more, but going into too much more detail could give away potential spoilers. And that can be an issue with these single episode mysteries, though. For a single episode murder mystery, this wasn’t too bad. I wouldn’t rank it among the best of them in the series, but I also wouldn’t rank it among the worst, either. The writers did a great job creating and depicting a culprit that the audience would dislike. They had to create him to be this way, though, since there was no time to develop the murder victim and his fiancee. The culprit’s connection to both the victim and the victim’s finacee was easy to explain, and it helped to set a potential motive in place for the murder.

From the preview for the next episode, it’s going to be a multiple-part murder mystery… and will also see the return of Yoko Okino. From what I can tell, it appears that this is a canon storyline for the manga rather than a mystery created specifically for the anime. While this week’s episode was definitely better than last week’s, I’m really looking forward to the upcoming multiple-parter.

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