Manga creator Hiroyuki Tamakoshi has announced on Twitter that he has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, and would begin four months of chemotherapy. He noted that the serialization of his new manga based on Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket will go on hiatus due to the chemotherapy, but he plans to resume it sometime at the start of 2023, noting that he “absolutely” wants to resume the manga. Tamakoshi expressed worry at the possible numbing side effect of chemotherapy on his hands, and how it might affect his ability to draw. He added that he hates not being able to draw manga, and wants to draw manga until the day he dies.

Masahiro Itabashi and Tamakoshi serialized their first Boys Be… series in Weekly Shōnen Magazine in the 1990’s, followed by Boys Be… 2nd Season and Boys Be… L Co-op. They then started another Boys Be… manga series called Boys Be… 2009 Term I on Kodansha’s MiChao mobile comic website in April 2009, and ended it in October of 2009. Itabashi and Tamakoshi then started their Boys Be… Next Season series in Kodansha’s Magazine Special, in November 2009, and they ended that series in February 2012. The pair launched the ongoing Boys Be… ~adult season~ manga in Kodansha’s Evening magazine in August 2012, and chapters are published irregularly. The Boys Be… ~young adult~ manga launched in Kadokawa’s Monthly Dragon Age magazine in September 2017, and ended in July 2018.

Tokyopop published most of the Boys Be… 2nd Season series, without the “2nd Season” designation, in North America.

Tamakoshi’s manga based on the Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket OVA launched in Kadokawa’s Gundam Ace magazine in June 2021.

Source: ANN