Anime News Network is reporting that Crunchyroll has provided an updated statement regarding its advertising video-on-demand (AVOD) policy. The statement reads:

Crunchyroll continues to make more than 1,000 hours of anime available for free through our advertiser-supported tier. Select episodes of our most popular anime, prior to the current season, are still available to watch for free with ads. Similarly, we do make new content available for free with ads via our Seasonal Samplers, launched at the beginning of each anime season. AVOD content will rotate and refresh regularly, sometimes returning for stunts, special promotions and commemorative occasions.

Anime News Network had reached out to Crunchyroll after discovering that several titles – including El-Hazard, Hero Bank, Kiratto Pri☆Chan, and Fairy Musketeers – which had used to be available for free users until August 31, 2022, had then changed to content for premium users only as of September 1, 2022.

Crunchyroll had previously provided ANN with a comment stating that episodes of anime prior to the Spring 2022 season would still be available to watch for free with ads. The company added that it would continue to “make new content available for free with ads” and that it is “only stopping the automatic free availability of all simulcast content.”

Crunchyroll previously allowed free ad-supported streaming for simulcast titles one week after an episode premiered.

Source: ANN