The episode opens with a man driving down the road, and a cat jumps in front of his vehicle. He swerves to avoid hitting the cat but hits an older gentleman instead. An older woman witnessed what happened and approaches the accident scene. It appears the man who was hit isn’t breathing, and the driver puts him in his vehicle, saying he’ll take the victim to the hospital. The witness finds the victim’s wallet still laying on the ground and reports the accident to the police. When the local authorities arrive, it’s discovered that the victim was never taken to a hospital.

Kogoro and Conan are watching a news report about the accident, and Kogoro’s phone rings. It’s the wife of the missing victim, and she wants to hire Kogoro to find her husband. When Kogoro and Conan go to meet the woman and the husband’s assistant, it’s discovered that her husband is a wealthy businessman. As they talk, the phone rings. The caller is someone claiming to have the victim’s body and demands a ransom of 10 million yen. The wife insists on not getting the police involved.

When they go to investigate the crime scene of the hit and run to try to get some clues, they discover that the person who hit the victim is around, and Kogoro tackles him to the ground. But it turns out the driver isn’t the one requesting the ransom money for the body, because someone dug up the body from where the driver had buried it. This now brings about a new mystery: who took the body and why they’re demanding a ransom.

As usual, Conan does a bit of snooping around and starts piecing things together. After finding out that the wife needs the body in order to open a safe because it’s locked with facial recognition, Conan becomes a little stumped right at first because the wife claims that only she and her husband’s assistant know about the safe. He’s convinced a third person must know about it, since “body kidnapper X” should know why the wife wants the body back so badly. This actually becomes a point of argument between Kogoro and Conan at one point, and it was an interesting interaction between these two. Conan is usually so confident when he argues about something like this with Kogoro, but in this instance, we actually see Conan faltering because while Conan’s reasoning does seem sound, Kogoro brings up a good point that Conan is making a big assumption that “body kidnapper X” knows about the safe and just happened to witness the accident that killed the victim.

But Conan starts piecing things together as the police share information about why the victim was in a location he isn’t known for going to at the time of the accident. He also stumbles upon information on the victim by looking at some newspapers. With all of the information he’s gathered, Conan figures it out and has to use the usual dart and bowtie trick in order to reveal the truth.

For a single episode murder mystery, this wasn’t a bad episode. Because the pieces of information needed to figure out the mystery trickled in throughout the episode, it made it a little harder to piece together the truth behind “body kidnapper X” before Conan revealed everything through the dart and bowtie trick. But I didn’t mind that, though. These kinds of episodes are more enjoyable to watch than the ones where I can figure out the truth behind a case well before Conan reveals everything.

Unfortunately, I’m not looking forward to next week’s episode, because I can tell from the preview that it’s going to feature the Detective Boys. And this time, it looks like ONLY the three boys are going to be involved in it. Ai tends to be missing from a lot of these anime exclusive Detective Boys episodes, so that wasn’t surprising. But from the preview, it looks like even Ayumi decided to skip out on this one. From what I saw in the preview, I can’t say that I blame her. 😉

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