HIDIVE has announced that it will begin streaming the English dub of the Ya Boy Kongming! anime on September 23, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. EDT.

The English cast includes:

  • Joe Daniels is Kongming
  • Juliet Simmons is Eiko

Shannon Reed is directing the dub.

The story of Ya Boy Kongming! is described as:

Fate and reincarnation deliver brilliant military strategist, Kongming, from warring, ancient China to Japan’s modern party hot spot in Shibuya City, Tokyo. After a lifetime of battles and military skirmishes, Kongming wished with his last breath to be reborn in a world of peace and prosperity. It’s nearly two millennia later and he’s finding his way in a very different world than that of his past life. When he meets Eiko, an amateur musician with big dreams, the unlikely duo strikes up an even unlikelier friendship. Eiko has street smarts to help Kongming navigate this strange new world, and Kongming will use his strategic mind to help Eiko achieve stardom. The story is a clever take (and smart twist) on fish-out-of-water and person-out-of-time themes with out-of-this-world results for Ya Boy Kongming!

Source: HIDIVE