The episode starts out by backtracking to Chi’s cousin crying and getting the bear’s attention. Emi and Maou ask Ashiya to quietly help get the others away while the two of them try to take down the bear. Just then, an SUV comes by and loudly honks its horn, which riles up the bear. Emi jumps into action, and she actually takes down the bear with what seems like superhuman strength. Emi was so badass here, and somehow, her deed is tipped off to an online site. Urushihara sees the article on a website and gives Emi a hard time, which leads to the humor that audiences know from the first season of the series.

Later, the Sasakis are made aware of thieves who have been going to nearby farms and stealing produce from them. Maou, Emi, Suzuno, Ashiya, and Urushihara figure out that the SUV that came by earlier during the bear attack is the likely vehicle being used for the thefts, and that the Sasaki farm is going to be the next target. They get some unexpected help from Chi’s grandmother, who draws a map of the farm that allows them to figure out where the thieves could come from and what they might be after. They are split into two groups: Suzuno and Maou are teamed up together, and the rest of the group is at another location.

Most of the rest of the episode sees the two groups taking on the thieves. Emi gets to be badass again, and Maou unexpectedly transforms into his demon form to catch the last of the four thieves. I have to admit that I was questioning how Maou was able to transform, but a lengthy after credits scene gives an explanation… and to me, at least, the explanation made sense. The after credits scene also sees Emi getting a call, and this call seems to be setting the stage for what will likely be the final arc of the season.

While this was an enjoyable enough episode, I found myself wondering why this arc was ultimately included in this season. I was hoping to see more interactions between Maou and Chi, since the previous episode seemed to be setting up this arc to develop both Chi and Emi as characters. But in the end, this arc ultimately didn’t seem to truly progress anything for the overarching story. And while the first episode of the arc did provide a little bit of character moments for both Chi and Emi, I didn’t entirely see the character progression that I’d been hoping to see in this episode. After watching these two episodes, this arc felt more like “filler” than anything else. At least the post credits scene is giving the impression that we’re finally going to be progressing the overarching story. Hopefully, the after credits scene isn’t giving the audience a false impression, because we really need an important arc to end the season and hopefully help to lift the overall quality of this season.

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