Kodansha Comics has announced the new manga titles that will debut digitally in September 2022:

Title: The God-Tier Guardian and the Love of Six Princesses
Creators: Hisashi Kakoyama, Touwa Akatsuki, and Tetsubuta
Debut Date: September 6, 2022
Synopsis: In order to stay by the side of his liege, Arsmeria, the devoted knight Vance chose to reincarnate with her a thousand years into the future. In his new life he’s known as Lloyd, the foster son of Countess Myuria and the wielder of colorless magic. But Lloyd has kept his memories of his past life and of his quest, and when he finds that Arsmeria’s reincarnated soul has been divided into six parts and spread amongst many, he realizes he’s got his work cut out for him.

Title: Gamaran
Creator: Yosuke Nakamaru
Debut Date: September 20, 2022
Synopsis: Unabara Domain—home to nightmarishly strong students and masters of martial arts of all kinds. The lord of the Unabara has decided that whichever of his sons discovers the strongest martial arts style will be his heir, but when 28th son Naoyoshi Washizu decides on Ogama-style practitioner Gama Kurogane, son of notorious father and scion of a “weak” style, to represent him, the odds seem bleak. But between Naoyoshi’s determination and Gama’s hard-earned strength, they may yet come out on top.

Source: Kodansha Comics