The episode opens with Emi sending Maou a text, telling him to meet her at a lighthouse and to bring Camio with him. She also makes it clear to not tell Amane. That night, Maou, Alciel, and Urushihara go to the lighthouse with Camio and meet up with Emi. Between Emi and Camio, it’s revealed that Olba is indeed involved with the current situation, which was basically hinted at during the conversation Emi and Urushihara had in the previous episode. After a slight info dump, a gate opens and a large group of demons appears. Emi uses Alas Ramus (in her sword form) to start taking on the demons.

Meanwhile, Maou is trying to find the sword that Camio brought with him in the previous episode, and it isn’t in the box with Camio. Amane surprises everyone by arriving and bringing the sword with her, and she starts asking questions. When Maou unsheathes it, it basically reveals Maou’s true identity to Amane. Shortly after, Maou, Alciel, and Urushihara join Emi… and they are in their demon forms and have at least some of their demon power restored. Maou, in his demon form, gets information out of the one who led the demons through the gate. Maou gives this demon specific instructions before sending him, the group, and Camio back to the demon realm.

I have to admit that during that encounter, I found myself wondering how Maou and the others were able to return to their demon forms and have some of their original power. Fortunately, Emi asks Maou about it near the end of the episode, and we find out. I had a suspicion that the sword that Camio had brought with him in the previous episode had something to do with it, and I was right. However, there was a little more to the explanation than just that.

And right near the end of the episode, Amane reveals who she is really is and the truth about the area that the beach shack is located in. Unfortunately, thanks to the power that Maou and the others unleashed the previous night, this spiritual area is now becoming unstable, and she is unable to have the group continue to stay in the area and work at the shack. Luckily, the repairs on the apartments are already finished, so they can at least go back home. Before they do, Amane uses her power to send the group away and allow them to tour the Choshi area before they leave. It’s through this tour that Maou realizes how Choshi and the world are bigger than he knew. Yes, it’s this final scene that gives the episode its title. Unfortunately, the episode ends with Maou saying something that could really be taken out of context (and Chiho does take it out of context), and this provides a brief bit of humor before the ending credits.

To be honest, when I saw that Maou and the others were going to the beach, I had assumed this arc was going to be a little longer than it turned out to be. By the end of this episode, I was like, “This is it for this arc?” Maybe it’s just me, but it felt like this arc was working up to be something bigger than it ended up being, so seeing it end after two-and-a-half episodes felt a little disappointing. I have a feeling this is the way the story progressed in the light novel, but for the animated medium, it felt a little anti-climactic. Hopefully, after the group returns to Tokyo, the final five episodes of the season will make up for the disappointment of this short arc.

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