The episode opens with the perfect length of a recap, which was just long enough to convey all the important information from the previous episode that the viewer needs to know in order to follow what happens in the second part of the story.

By the end of last week’s episode, it was being hinted that Conan knows an important piece of information, and he reveals that information right away after the opening credits finish. It turns out the three men on the bus came to the ranch because of the report of a meteorite falling in the area. As it’s explained in the episode, meteorites are quite valuable and can fetch an impressive sum of money.

A lot of the episode sees Conan communicating with Ai, Genta, and Wakasa through the communicator, since Conan and the others are still trapped in the basement. It turns out there’s a padlock on the door, so Ai and the other two can’t free them. Ai, Wakasa, and Genta go into the office, and they find important pieces of information that leads Amuro’s partner, Kamazaki, to correctly deduce the situation. Basically, the owner of the ranch was tricked into thinking a painted rock was a meteorite, which he planned to sell and use the funds to save the ranch. After being told by an appraiser that the meteorite was a fake, the owner of the ranch committed suicide. His younger brother, who trapped Conan and the others in the basement, is out for revenge. Conan realizes that they were locked in the basement in order to keep them from interfering with his plan.

Since Conan can’t do anything himself, his communications with Ai, Wakasa, and Genta are crucial to put together what they need to figure out who it was that tricked the owner of the ranch. Since they realize that the ranch owner’s brother is planning to kill all three men, they need to help determine who the true culprit is in order to save lives.

When Ai and Wakasa catch up with the ranch owner’s brother, Conan uses the communicator to talk with the brother to tell him what he needs to do to catch the true culprit. Genta was left behind to turn on the office lights and make it look like Conan and the others escaped and called the police, in order to convince the brother to go along with Conan’s instructions.

Overall, I thought the second half of this two-parter was well done, considering that Conan himself couldn’t truly be part of the action due to being locked in the basement. Even though we hear Conan explain a lot of things, this is usually done as Ai, Wakasa, and Genta are doing what Conan instructs them to do, so we get to see action going along with Conan’s descriptions. I also liked seeing that the guy who I thought was going to be the true culprit wasn’t the guilty party. Even though the guilty party turned out to be the person I least expected it to be, Conan points out after he’s caught that this character kind of gave themselves away with some of their dialogue in the previous episode, if you picked up on it.

Remember how Amuro found that shogi piece in last week’s episode, and that it appeared to fall out of Wakasa’s pocket? Let’s just say that this plays an important part in what happens at the end of the episode, as well as in the after credits scene.

There was no preview for the next episode or anything that comes after that, so the episode just ends with the after credits scene. According to a Detective Conan episode wiki that I look at, it’s showing that the next two weeks will be airings of remastered versions of a two-part episode. This means that we end this episode with a very important scene for the canon storyline of Case Closed, and now we have to wait at least a couple of weeks before continuing on with new episodes. However, even when another new episode airs, there’s no guarantee that it’s going to continue the canon storyline. In fact, in my experience over the past few years watching the Case Closed anime, there’s usually a short break after an important episode like this one, and when the series returns with a new episode, it’s a “filler” story. At this point, I’ll just have to wait and see how the anime will continue after it comes back from a break.

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