The episode opens with the MgRonald’s employees at a staff meeting and being reminded that the restaurant is closing temporarily so new equipment can be installed. The initial announcement was made two weeks prior, at the time Maou thought that Alas Ramus was missing, so he didn’t pay attention to that announcement. When he goes home to share the bad news with Ashiya and Urushihara, Maou and Chi find Suzuno and Emi taking boxes out of Suzuno’s apartment. She hands Maou a notice that was handed out by the landlady two weeks earlier, saying the residents need to temporarily move out of the apartments so repairs can be made on the damage caused by the fight with Gabriel in the previous episode.

We then see that the landlady had left a box for Maou and the other two at the same time the notice was handed out, but no one had bothered to open it. Emi rips the box open, and they find a video cassette inside. It turns out Chi’s family has a VCR, so she invites Maou and Emi to come to her house to watch the tape. This episode introduces the audience to Chi’s mother, and she’s an… interesting character. She’s very observant about her daughter’s crush on Maou, and we later find out that she approves of it.

But… back to the video cassette. It’s a message from the landlady, saying she has a relative who owns a beach shack and needs people to help her run it for the Bon festival, and that the job would include pay as well as somewhere to stay. Maou calls the number shown on the tape, and he gets the job for himself, Ashiya, and Urushihara. Unfortunately, the location isn’t nearby, so Emi and Suzuno can’t exactly keep tabs on them while they’re away.

Later, Maou and Chi have a run-in with Sariel, and they learn about him turning down an alliance with Gabriel. Sariel also reveals that Gabriel knows the location of the sword, and this gets Chi to act. She gets permission from her mother to go on a trip to the beach area with Emi and Suzuno, as long as they stay at an inn of the mother’s choosing. Chi later admits to Emi and Suzuno that she devised this trip as a way to try to keep Alas Ramus safe after hearing that Gabriel knew the location of the sword. Since Alas Ramus is the sword now, that meant that the child could be in danger if she stayed in Tokyo. I really liked Emi’s reaction to Chi’s gesture, and it seemed like the hug of a grateful parent (since Chi was looking out for Alas Ramus).

When they get to the beach shack, they discover that it’s run down and incredibly filthy. The shack is supposed to open the next day for business, and Maou starts leading the others on what he wants them to do in order to get the shack cleaned up and ready for customers the next day. With this, Maou is able to use his skills both as the Demon King and as a MgRonald’s employee in order to get this Herculean task accomplished. While it wasn’t surprising that he got Ashiya, Urushihara, and Chi to cooperate with him, it was surprising that Emi stepped up to help and take orders from Maou.

Right at the end of the episode, strange lights are seen on the water, and Alas Ramus becomes concerned. She starts crying when the fog horn goes off due to fog suddenly rolling in. The final shot served as a major cliffhanger, and it definitely made me want to come back next week in order to find out what’s happening on the beach and how it will affect our characters.

During the last scene, though, the landlady’s relative was saying things and reacting in such a way that she seems to know about the supernatural. I was really getting the sense that she has figured out the truth about Maou and the others and just hasn’t let on. I also think the landlady knows more about these characters than she’s letting on as well. I kind of thought this during the first season, but this episode really made me think that I may be on to something with the landlady. A part of me kind of wonders if the landlady may have some kind of connection with Ente Isla that we aren’t aware of. I could be completely off with this theory, though.

One of the promotional videos for the second season of The Devil Is a Part-Timer!! had let us know ahead of time that Maou would be losing his job at MgRonald’s, and I honestly thought from the preview that it would be permanent. I’m glad to see it’s only temporary, because MgRonald’s has become so associated with Maou and serves as the basis for the title of the series. And I figured Ashiya’s reaction to the news would be amusing, and the anime didn’t disappoint me. In fact, it was even better than I expected, since this news came on top of him and Urushihara learning about needing to vacate the apartment. Unfortunately, these important pieces of news originally came at a time when Maou was upset about Alas Ramus being gone, so he hadn’t been paying attention to any of these developments at that time. So when he realized these developments were happening a couple of weeks later, Maou, Ashiya, and Urushihara were blindsided. By being blindsided in this way, it added more tension to these temporary developments.

It’s hard to believe that next week’s episode will be the halfway point of the second season of The Devil Is a Part-Timer!!, and the series seems to be setting us up for a beach arc. The main question now is: will this beach arc last for the remainder of the season, or will we get one more arc before the end of the season?

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