Udon Entertainment has announced that it has licensed the Robotics;Notes, Record of Lodoss War: The Crown of the Covenant, and Giga Town manga.

The publisher will release pb. and Keiji Asakawa’s Robotics;Notes manga adaptation of 5pb.’s third Science Adventure series (after Chaos;HEAd and Steins;Gate) in three 2-in-1 volumes, starting in 2023. The series launched in 2012, and it ended in July 2014.

The story is set in an alternate future world after Tokyo’s Shibuya district was destroyed in 2009, followed by the destruction of the Radio Kaikan building in Tokyo’s Akihabara a year later. The world is immersed in realistic augmented reality technology in 2019, but a high school robotics club is in danger of being disbanded after shrinking to just two members. The club’s revival is tied to the robot it is building.

The publisher will begin releasing writer Ryu Mizuno and manga creator Atsushi Suzumi’s three-volume Record of Lodoss War: The Crown of the Covenant manga in 2023. Suzumi launched the manga adaptation of Record of Lodoss War: The Pledged Diadem, the first new novel for the Record of Lodoss War franchise in 12 years, in October 2019.

Udon Entertainment and Mangasplaining will release Fumiyo Kouno’s Giga Town: Manpu Zufu, a book explaining the different pictoral expressions in manga, in Spring 2023. The book launched in January 2018.

Source: ANN