The episode opens with Amuro getting a call from his partner, Kamazaki, who had managed to be captured while out on an assignment. He’s trapped somewhere with a dead body, but he doesn’t know where he is. Kamazaki’s phone was taken, and he borrowed the flip phone from the dead body to contact Amuro, which is why he doesn’t have GPS to help him figure out where he is.

The next day, we see the Detective Boys, as well as their homeroom teacher and Wakasa (the assistant homeroom teacher) on a bus. They’re headed to Hatoyama Ranch, because the owner is giving the class some chickens to raise before the ranch is closed down. There are other people on the bus also headed to the ranch, with one saying he’s trying to find a power spot, one saying he’s going to do some research, and the third is watching a video on his phone. Mitsuhiko and Ayumi are trying to watch the video on the guy’s phone, but he tells them to stop looking over his shoulder. Mitsuhiko took a picture of the guy’s phone screen, and the man overhears this. He suddenly grabs Mitsuhiko and demands he delete the image. This chaos causes the final passenger on the bus, Amuro, to step in and handle the situation. It turns out he’s also headed to Hatoyama Ranch.

When they reach the ranch, they find that no one is there. When the kids, their teachers, and Amuro go to the chicken house, they find that all of the chickens are gone. They also notice a hole in the side of the wall, and Conan notices an area with a filled in hole right by the hole in the wall. Ayumi sees a chicken wandering nearby, and decides to quietly follow it in order to catch it. Unfortunately, the chicken leads Ayumi to an area in the woods with burnt branches and explosives tied around nearby trees. A man, who claims to the the brother of the owner of the ranch, finds her.

When the others discover that Ayumi is missing, they split into two groups to search for her. But as the groups are splitting up, Amuro finds a shogi piece on the ground and swears that it looks familiar. Unfortunately, Amuro, Conan, Mitsuhiko, and their homeroom teacher are found by the ranch owner’s brother, who has taken Ayumi hostage. He locks the group, along with Ayumi, in the basement. There, they discover Kamazaki and the dead body. The dead man turns out to be the owner of the ranch. Right at first, the viewer thinks that the brother killed the owner of the ranch, but Conan is able to disprove this. He also uses his communicator to contact the other group to let them know what’s going on and asks them to call the police. Ai’s battery is dead and Genta forgot his phone, but Wakasa has hers. Genta points out that Wakasa’s pocket with the cell phone has a hole in it, and Wakasa realizes that something else she had in there is missing. When she gets her phone out, she loses her grip on it, and it falls into a nearby pail of water. So now they have to try to handle things themselves, which is made difficult by the sudden arrival of the ranch owner’s brother.

While the actual mystery that’s developing during this episode may not be a major deal for the franchise, some of the hints being thrown out here are. While on the bus ride, the teacher tells Wakasa that she doesn’t like birds, and Wakasa comments that the teacher is dating something whose last name can be read as “white bird.” After the teacher retorts about a name that includes “Karasu” (crow), Wakasa says she thinks someone with a name including Karasu sounds like they could be a mysterious person. Conan overhears this conversation, and realizes the connection that “Karasu” could have to someone if they were Rum (the second in command of the Black Organization).

The shogi piece that Amuro finds is also important. As he remembers the details he learned about the murder of the shogi player 17 years ago, he realizes that the picture of the shogi piece very closely resembles the one on the slide about the unsolved murder. Apparently, this particular shogi piece was a kind of good luck charm for the shogi player, and that it disappeared after the murder. And the scene with Wakasa realizing that something fell out her pocket after Genta discovers the hole seems to be setting up that Wakasa is the one who dropped the shogi piece. If she did have it, and it is indeed the missing shogi piece from the murder, that provides some interesting possibilities concerning her already mysterious character. This is another episode that seems to dropping hints that Wakasa is Rum, but we’ve also had potential hints dropped for other people who could potentially be Rum.

Right at the end of the episode, with what Ayumi tells him about what she saw in the woods, Conan seems to have figured out why the three men on the bus have come to the ranch. But this is where the episode ends, so we won’t get to find out more until the next one airs.

I’m glad to finally see another canon storyline from the manga being adapted for the anime, especially since it’s one that appears to be providing some more potential hints for Conan’s overarching storyline concerning the Black Organization. I’m really looking forward to seeing the next episode in order to find out how this mystery is going to be solved, as well as whether or not we get any more hints for the series’ overarching storyline.

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