The episode starts with the characters (except Chiho, who was escorted home by Ashiya) getting ready for the fight with Gabriel the next day. Sadao, Emi, and Alas Ramus stay in the three men’s apartment, while Suzuno, Ashiya, and Urushihara stay in Suzuno’s apartment. The most important thing that takes place in Suzuno’s apartment is a conversation Suzuno has with Ashiya, because she doesn’t understand what Sadao and the other demons are thinking or are up to.

Meanwhile, Sadao and Emi are having a conversation, which includes Emi having a flashback to something Suzuno said in a scene that we didn’t get to see as they’re trying to figure out what to do about Gabriel and Alas Ramus. While this could be considered a kind of “info dumping,” I think it worked better coming out through a flashback rather than watching the scene happening in real time. It presents the idea that the Tree of Life is supposed to be important in maintaining the world, but Suzuno points out that it’s true only if you believe the legends, since nothing has truly been proven as to whether or not this is true.

But an even more important scene happens when Emi, Sadao, and Alas Ramus head off to bed. Alas Ramus wants Sadao to continue telling her a story, and it’s obvious that it’s a simplified version of his own backstory that we learned about in the previous episode. After Alas Ramus falls asleep, Emi asks what happened to the main character in the story, since she knows it’s really about him. Sadao tries to deny it, of course, claiming that it’s a story he made up to tell Alas Ramus. But he does eventually give a brief, vague answer regarding the main character of the story. Emi brings this up again later in the episode, and once again, Sadao tries to avoid answering Emi’s questions.

The next morning, Emi wakes up around five in the morning and discovers that Gabriel is also there, and has been watching them sleep. Emi and Gabriel wake up Sadao and Alas Ramus, and the conflict begins. Unfortunately, a magic barrier has been placed around the apartment, so Suzuno, Ashiya, and Urushihara can’t get inside. Sadao pleads with Gabriel not to take Alas Ramus and to take his life instead. As Gabriel begins using force to give Sadao his wish, Alas Ramus steps in, calls Gabriel a liar, and she suddenly powers up and sends Gabriel flying. Emilia heads out in hot pursuit of Alas Ramus and Gabriel.

Suzuno and the others can finally make it into the apartment because the magical barrier is down. Gabriel’s archangels appear to try to stop them from pursuing Gabriel, but Urushihara actually does something useful here that makes them leave. But considering what he used to be before he became a fallen angel, it makes sense that he could accomplish what he did. Sadao convinces Suzuno to help get him to where Emi, Alas Ramus, and Gabriel are.

Emilia finds that Gabriel is armed with his legendary sword, which easily cuts her blade down to almost nothing. Sadao makes it to where they are, but his confrontation with Gabriel doesn’t go as he expects. Alas Ramus is able to save Sadao as he’s falling toward his death, and then she does something very surprising that helps turn the tide against Gabriel for now.

Wow… that twist with Alas Ramus was something that I didn’t expect. It was interesting, but definitely unexpected. Before Emi reveals what happened to Chiho, the writers had done such a great job convincing both Sadao and the audience that Alas Ramus was gone. Sadao’s reaction when he sees that Alas Ramus is still around was priceless, even if he was trying to make Emi and Chiho believe that he hadn’t been worried. Even though Sadao plays off that he’s taking care of Alas Ramus out of a sense of duty, it’s becoming quite clear that he actually cares about this small child, even if he doesn’t want to admit it to himself.

With this episode, be sure to watch through the ending credits, because there’s an important after credits scene that takes place at Sentucky Fried Chicken between Gabriel and Sariel. At first, it simply comes across as Gabriel doing his usual whining and complaining, but the scene ends with Sariel dropping a very important piece of information in something that he says. If I’m right about what Sariel is referring to, there could be some very interesting repercussions in the series for both Emi and Sadao.

I have to say, though, that Alas Ramus actually has a lot of power for a young child. Yes, she comes from another world, but considering we really hadn’t seen any hints that Alas Ramus was capable of what she did in this episode, it really caught me by surprise. Between this, the twist with Alas Ramus that was revealed, and what was revealed in the post credits scene, I’m really looking forward to seeing how this story progresses.

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