HIDIVE has announced that it will add Super Dimension Century Orguss, the classic sci-fi anime series created by Big West and TMS Entertainment, to its immense retro anime lineup. The series will begin streaming on HIDIVE in Summer 2022.

In 2062, two technologically advanced regimes engage in brutal, all-out war. Desperate to put an end to the bloody standstill, pilot Kei Katsuragi launches a final attempt to destroy the weapon at the heart of the conflict: the dreaded Space/Time Oscillation Bomb. But Kei’s actions wreak unforeseen consequences and plunge his world into a maelstrom of intersecting alternate realities and timelines. Now he must try to reverse the effects of the detonated Space/Time Oscillation Bomb, but restoring the world to normal may be beyond his reach.

Super Dimension Century Orguss is directed by Noboru Ishiguro and Yasumi Mikamoto with script and series composition from Kenichi Matsuzaki.

The series stars Show Hayami as Kei Katsuragi, Run Sasaki as Mimsy Laaz, Arihiro Hase as Badei, Koichi Kitamura as Govu and Masako Katsuki as Athena Henderson.

Source: HIDIVE