Star Fruit Books has announced its new Blood Orange imprint for horror titles. The company is releasing the following horror manga under Blood Orange in English, with the first two manga now available:

Title: Sawanabe Zombie
Author: Kakio Tsurukawa
Description: After six months of surviving the zombie apocalypse, college student Sawanabe finally gets bit. However, the transformation comes with the unexpected surprise that the young man is still able to think like a human. Having to fight for survival, Sawanabe must balance his morality with his craving for human flesh.

Title: Town of Pigs
Author: Hideshi Hino
Description: One night, under a blood red moon glimmering with demonic beauty, a group of devilish creatures armed with axes and spears came riding into a quiet city on horseback. One by one, they loaded the villagers up into cages and carried them off without any explanation. I barely managed to escape alive.

Title: Grin Grin Grin
Author: Sangatou
Description: The child of morning and night, the thunder bird, the great tree, the spirit. An anthology spun from beautiful, strange, and slightly eerie lives.

Title: TATARISM: Takaya Tatari’s Selected Works
Author: Takaya Tatari
Description: A one shot collection of choice works by sci-fi horror mangaka and DJ, Tatari Takayama. Author of “The Fear of Mouth Eyes Woman” and “G-Pen Magic.”

Title: The Horrors Of Noroi Michiru Volume 1
Author: Noroi Michiru
Description: The collection the two volumes will comprise of his one shots and each page will be rendered in exquisite detail to showcase his splendid artwork – each panel worthy of being framed. Noroi Michiru’s aesthetic is impressive in that it conforms to Western expectations, both amongst illustrated covers and also pages of narrative – focused, realistic anatomy opposed to more exaggerated, fanciful forms.

The company also announced the following manga, the release details of which it will announce at a later date:

  • Wonder House of Horrors by Miyako Cojima
  • Occult Detective Club: Doll Cemetery by Hideshi Hino
  • Panorama of Hell by Hideshi Hino

Source: ANN