Irodori Sakura – BL, Yuri, and LGBTQ+ English localization imprint of original Japanese doujinshi publisher Irodori Comics – has announced the license acquisitions of indie yuri manga artists Haijima and Pikachi, also commercially known as Ohi Pikachi.

My Crush is My Roommate
Story and Art by Haijima

Hana is in love with her childhood best friend, Kanata. One day, Kanata invites Hana to share a room, which she accepts. For a while, living with her crush seemed manageable for Hana. However, on the other hand, Kanata realized she likes spending time with Hana a bit too much and doesn’t really know what to do with her newly found feelings.

Haijima is an aspiring young indie manga artist who started publishing My Crush is My Roommate on pixiv as a short manga in late 2021 and got over two million cumulative views.

Romance for Teachers
Story and Art by Pikachi

The school nurse, Miss Kiyattou, is in love with the PE teacher, Miss Inui, but has a hard time approaching her. This makes it all the more frustrating since she gets to see other two fellow teachers, Miss Mujina and Miss Gaoda, being lovey-dovey all the time. But what will happen when Miss Inui comes to the school infirmary to consult about the relationship their fellow teachers have?

Pikachi, also known commercially by the pen name Ohi Pikachi, is best known for contributing to the Syrup anthology and authoring numerous yuri titles such as Demi Life! and the recent hit Our Teachers Are Dating!. Irodori Sakura plans to release their self-published works starting with their first original yuri story Romance for Teachers.

My Crush is My Roommate will release digitally in August 2022 for $7.25, while Romance for Teachers will release in September 2022 for $5.95. Both titles are currently available for pre-order on the Irodori Sakura website and will be made available on other platforms at a later date too.