Manga publisher Denpa announced at its Otakon 2022 panel that it has licensed Mitsuru Adachi’s Short Game manga anthology and Kiseki Himura’s Tawawa on Monday manga, and will release both in late 2023.

Adachi launched the Short Game anthology of baseball stories in 1985.

Tawawa on Monday began in 2015 as blue-colored weekly pin-ups posted on artist Kiseki Himura’s Twitter account. The main character, Ai, is a high school girl with large breasts who encounters a businessman on the train ride to school. The girl’s regular appearance on the train brightens up the man’s gloomy Monday commute.

Himura publishes new illustrations for the series every Monday on his Twitter account. The manga also began serializing in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine in November 2020.

Source: ANN