The episode opens with Mitsuhiko, Ayumi, and Genta watching a popular online duo that goes around filming themselves at abandoned locations and finding ghosts. Conan and Ai are also with them, but not watching the video. Conan is skeptical about the whole thing, but then Ai mentions that people can make money when videos like that go viral. Well, guess what happens? Mitsuhiko, Ayumi, and Genta decide they want to make money, and they decide they want to do a test of courage at an abandoned hospital and film themselves doing it. Conan and Ai go along, not because they believe the place is haunted, but they want to make sure the other three don’t get hurt or get into trouble.

Before entering the abandoned hospital, Mitsuhiko, Ayumi, and Genta each share a rumor they’ve heard about what’s haunting the building, and they seem like three random and unrelated things. After entering the building, they get to the locations where the first two rumored haunted beings are… but Ai is able to prove what these things really are. In the second location, however, Ai and Conan also notice several newspapers with the same date from six months ago. You can tell that this is raising Conan’s curiosity.

When they find the third rumored thing, however, the kids think they’ve found a real ghost and run off. Later, as Conan is looking through the footage they shot, he finds something interesting. It turns out some of what they encountered was set up by the two people who make the popular online videos, because they were trying to scare the kids away so they could make their video. But it turns out there’s someone else involved with what’s going on as well, and they are connected with the newspapers from six months ago. This person targets both the Detective Boys and the people behind the viral videos.

The first thing I noticed when watching this episode was the fact that this was a Detective Boys story that not only had Ai in it, but she played an important role. Since so many of these Detective Boys stories don’t include Ai and don’t acknowledge the fact that she’s missing, it makes one of these stories stand out when she’s actually included. But I had to kind of shake my head after Ai made the comment about making money from viral videos, because if she had just kept her mouth shut, the other three kids wouldn’t have gotten the harebrained idea to do the test of courage at the abandoned hospital.

I wasn’t surprised when Ai and Conan were able to prove the truth behind the first two rumored haunted things in the hospital, since Case Closed is grounded in realism. But I was happy to see that Conan and Ai saw those newspapers, because that laid a foundation for there to be more to this episode than simply the test of courage. And I was glad to see that the episode established the fact that the two people who make the viral videos weren’t on the up-and-up either, since this is both realistic and fits in with the tone that’s been set for the series.

Even though there was another layer to this story, it wasn’t entirely enough to make this episode a great story featuring the Detective Boys. While I can say that this isn’t the worst Detective Boys episode that I’ve seen, it’s also not necessarily among the best, either. It’s just OK.

From the preview for the next story, it’s going to run for multiple parts, and it’s definitely going to be focusing on canon material from the manga. I can tell this is the case due to the characters that appear in the preview, so I’m looking forward to it. Sometimes, there are some good anime-only stories, but I can’t truly say that any of the recent anime-only mysteries that have appeared recently fall into this category, so a canon storyline from the manga is very much welcomed at this point.

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