Comic-Con International in San Diego awarded its Inkpot Award to illustrator Hidetaka Tenjin on July 23, 2022. Tenjin attended the event in person, where Udon Entertainment offered early copies of Tenjin’s Artistry of Macross: From Flashback 2012 to Macross Frontier book before its October 18, 2022 release. The book is the first in a series of books that Udon Entertainment will release featuring Tenjin’s art from the Macross franchise.

Tenjin made a statement about his book’s publication:

“I’ve been involved with Macross in a professional capacity for over two decades now, but I originally started off as a fan myself, so the prospect of bringing my art to a new international audience is something I’m extremely excited about. Hidetaka Tenjin’s Artistry of Macross not only marks my first published work outside of Japan, it’s also the first art book to be released in North America bearing the Macross name. While I’m more than a little nervous at the prospect, I hope that people enjoy it and that it helps to introduce them to the world of Macross.”

Tenjin is an illustrator and mechanical artist whose works include Macross Zero, Aquarion, Noein – to your other self, Hellsing Ultimate, and Macross Frontier. He also drafted mechanical art for the Mobile Suit Gundam and Space Battleship Yamato franchises. He started his career drawing the Macross’ signature fighter, the VF-1 Valkyrie, for a fansite while he was in college. This later led to work for the official publications Macross Chronicle and Space Battleship Yamato Fact File. He is also a voice actor, having played roles such as Rafael Banderas in Garo the Animation and Goreinu in Hunter x Hunter. His recent work includes LeSean Thomas and MAPPA’s Yasuke anime, where he worked on mechanical design.

Source: ANN