This episode opens with enough of a recap to remind the audience of what happened in the previous episode.

When the episode picks up from where the previous episode left off, Kogoro is talking with the lawyer, venting his frustration about not calling the police. The lawyer admits that he himself called the police the previous day, and then points out that Kogoro should be investigating the current murder scene like Conan is currently doing. I have to admit that I was slightly amused by the lawyer’s remark to Kogoro about Conan. As Conan investigates, he notices a black stain near the soft serve tanks and uses a handkerchief to get a sample of it. Of course, when the writers make it a point of showing Conan finding a piece of evidence, it becomes important in helping to solve the crime.

Later, we see the oldest brother finally finish the soft serve he’s working on, and he runs up to the roof with his sample and tastes it. The way this was depicted, it almost came across that the guy was orgasmic as he was eating the soft serve. I thought that was a little… disturbing. But between licks, he begins laughing hysterically, declaring that now that his brothers are dead, the inheritance is all his… he just needs his father to die. Suddenly, a gunshot is heard, and the oldest brother falls from the roof. Conan, Ran, and Kogoro see him falling past the window of the room they’re in.

The three of them head outside and find that the oldest brother is dead. Conan runs back inside to try to reach the room where he thinks the shot came from. He bumps into Yuka, the young woman who helps to take care of things at the estate. With her assistance, they go into the room Conan wanted to reach, and they find a shotgun on the floor. Conan asks Yuka some questions, and also picks up on enough clues in the room to finally piece together what happened.

Most of the rest of the episode sees Conan going to visit the dying old man and relaying his deductions. For the most part, Conan is spot on. However, the old man points out a couple of flaws with his deductions and tells him what really happened. It turns out that my guesses last week about what really happened were nowhere near close to reality.

I know this is a spoiler, but the old man dies as he and Conan finish going over the murders. At this point, a huge plot hole is introduced into the story, because the lawyer comes in and starts doing and saying things that sound too convenient, especially after remarking that the old man told him that it’s up to whoever solved the case to decide who gets the inheritance. How did the lawyer know that Conan solved the case, since he wasn’t in the room? Was he eavesdropping outside the door? Also, how come the audience never got to see the old man tell the lawyer these instructions before this point in the episode? Because we never knew the old man and the lawyer had even discussed this, it felt like it came out of nowhere. It almost makes we wonder if the writers had written themselves into a corner and had to find a way to progress the story and to wrap up loose ends, and that this was the best that they could come up with.

This first part of this two-parter was rather promising, and even the first half of this part was interesting. But the story kind of falls apart during the second half, and the end result dragged the overall mystery down. In the end, this wasn’t quite as strong of a mystery as it could have been.

The preview for the next episode shows the story will feature the Detective Boys doing a test of courage. Oh boy, a Detective Boys story on the heels of this disappointing mystery. Hopefully next week’s episode won’t be as bad as “Intrigue at Smile Village” was. I mean, nothing can get worse than that… right?

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