The episode opens with Mao, Emi, Chi, Ashiya, Urushihara, and Suzuno trying to figure out what to do about Alas Ramus, the little girl who came out of the golden apple in the previous episode and insists that Mao is her father and Emi is her mother. At first, it looks like Suzuno will be the one to take her in, since she has experience with kids and doesn’t have the hardships that the others do, but Mao insists that he, Ashiya, and Urushihara will take care of her. During this scene, it was interesting to hear Suzuno explain what Alas Ramus’ name means in the Ente Isla human language, and I have a feeling that this is going to be important information at some point in the future. It’s theorized that perhaps Sariel sent Alas Ramus, but the group that’s meeting doesn’t feel 100% confident that this could be the case.

When Chi brings supplies to Mao and the others the next day, she’s greeted by a very tired Ashiya. Alas Ramus kept them up all night, crying, and nothing they tried to do soothed her. Fortunately, Chi is able to teach Ashiya how to change a diaper.

Emi, meanwhile, has been looking visibly agitated during her shift at work. Her friend asks her what’s going on, and she tries to explain the situation. It was quite comical how she was stumbling over the explanation right at first, but she does eventually put something together that sounds reasonable. Her friend hands her some tickets for an amusement park that their company helps sponsor, so she can take Alas Ramus out for a memorable outing.

Meanwhile, Chi and Suzuno take Alas Ramus out for a walk and get the bright idea to take her to MgRonald’s while Mao is working. This creates a humorous scene right at first, where co-workers see Chi carrying her and hearing Alas calling Mao “papa.” Let’s just say there were assumptions being made that Alas was Mao and Chi’s child, and the co-workers were NOT happy about this idea. The manager comes out and wants to talk to Chi and Mao in the back. After the manager takes Alas Ramus into her arms, Sariel (the manager of the Sentucky Fried Chicken across the street) walks in and makes the assumption that Alas Ramus is her child. But during this exchange, Suzuno realizes that Sariel has no idea who this child is, so this takes him off the list of potential people who could have sent Alas Ramus to them. While Sariel’s reaction is humorous, it was important for him to act this way in order to tip off Suzuno that Sariel had nothing to do with Alas Ramus.

In the back room, the manager has a serious talk with Mao and Chi about the appearances of a high school girl entering and leaving Mao’s apartment and helping take care of a baby. During this conversation, I was impressed with how motherly the manager came across. Before she leaves, though, she gives Mao tickets to the same amusement park that Emi got tickets for… apparently, a salesman came by and dropped them off. After the manager leaves, Mao admits that the manager is right, but since Chi is the only human he can trust, he asks her to continue helping them. Chi, of course, is happy to be told this, even though Mao has yet to give her an answer after the love confession she gave him in the previous season.

When Emi stops by the apartment to see Alas Ramus and the others, they discover they have several tickets for the amusement park between them. Alas Ramus makes it clear that she wants both Mao and Emi to go with her. Ashiya is concerned about them potentially being attacked, and it’s suggested that he follows in disguise to keep an eye on them. Of course, Ashiya’s disguise makes him stand out instead of being in the background. When Chi finds him, she also scolds him for not having a cell phone in order to contact Mao if something happens. By the end of the episode, we have Ashiya, Chi, and Emi’s co-worker watching Mao, Emi, and Alas Ramus as they head for the park. Unfortunately, we don’t get any next episode previews for this season, but with all the buildup to the amusement park, I feel confident that the next episode will be taking place at the amusement park.

The night before the trip to the amusement park, Emi receives a call from someone she knows from Ente Isla. Emi asks her about Alas Ramus, but her friend has no idea what she’s talking about. However, the friend says she’ll starting looking into it and seeing if she can find anything out. Will Emi’s friend from Ente Isla be able to learn anything, or will Alas Ramus’ identity be just as shrouded in mystery there?

But we see something in Ente Isla right at the end, and it takes place at the Tree of Life. A character who is seen briefly here that we’ve never met before makes a comment before opening a portal. In the human world, as Urushihara places an online order for food, he can sense that a portal has opened up somewhere… and this is where the episode ends. Well, this sounds foreboding. Will this new character appear and disrupt the outing at the amusement park? There are obviously a lot of questions surrounding this new character (whose name I don’t know yet), what they’re planning to do, and their motivations. Hopefully we’ll learn more about this character in the next episode.

I have to say that Episode Two logically progresses the story from Episode One. Alas Ramus has to be an immediate concern, since she’s a young child who can’t take care of herself. And since she’s staying with Mao and his roommates, who have no experience taking care of children, it’s not surprising that they had a hard time that first night. At least Chi, who has babysitting experience, is able to teach them some things and help out when needed. The manager does have a point about how people will make assumptions and that rumors could start that would be hard to squash, but who else can they turn to for help with some of these things?

I’m looking forward to next week’s episode, and I hope the trip to the amusement park will be amusing and fun to watch.

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