Kogoro has been summoned by a man who owns a very successful soft serve company, and Ran and Conan have accompanied him to the remote island where the man and his three sons live. It turns out the man is dying of cancer, and he is about to rewrite his will. He wants Kogoro to observe his family members and see their true selves, so he can help advise the man on which family member to leave the inheritance to.

As a young female assistant takes the three of them around the house, Kogoro and the others meet the man’s three sons and get to see their interactions with each other. The youngest brother is obviously lazy, the middle brother doesn’t seem to handle money well, and the oldest brother seems to be the most interested in the family business (even though he isn’t directly involved with the company and does research on soft serve independently). On the surface, it seems like the oldest brother should be the one to get the inheritance, yet for some reason, I have a nagging suspicion about him. I don’t necessarily have any clues from the episode to back me up on this, but I just feel that somehow, something’s a little “off” about him.

At dinner that night, the middle brother is a no-show, and during the meal, it’s announced that the will is going to be rewritten the next day. I was seriously afraid that someone was going to kill the dying man before the will could be rewritten, but I was wrong with this assumption. Instead, the youngest brother is found dead the next morning in a locked room murder case. When Kogoro wants to call the police, the dying man’s assistant says he signed a contract to prioritize the rewriting of the will. And even if the police are called, it would take them two days to get there because of how remote the island is. Kogoro is allowed to investigate the murder, but he has to do it without help from the police.

Right at the end of the episode, something happens that gives Ran, Conan, and the audience a pretty strong hint about what happened to the middle brother. There was something that happened right before the reveal that made me think that what happened to the middle brother actually happened to the middle brother… and it turned out I was right.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but the dying man’s assistant is giving off some vibes that make me think he’s not entirely on the up-and-up. While it seems like the oldest brother would be the prime culprit because getting rid of his brothers would guarantee that he would inherit their father’s fortune, this just seems too simple. If it’s not him, then there are only two other potential suspects. Of course, there could always be the twist that it wasn’t the same culprit that went after both of the brothers.

It’ll be interesting to watch the next part of this mystery to see how the mystery is solved and to find out who committed the crimes.

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