Kadokawa has announced that it is digitally releasing Nori Kazato’s I’m Quitting Heroing manga exclusively, with the first three manga volumes already available digitally on Kadokawa’s BookWalker service. The fourth volume will be available on July 7, 2022, the fifth volume on July 15, 2022, and the sixth volume on July 27, 2022.

Yen Press announced at Anime Expo 2022 that it has licensed the manga for physical release. BookWalker will only have the exclusive digital release of the manga.

The manga adapts Quantum and Hana Amano’s I’m Quitting Heroing: Next Gig Is at the Demon Queen’s Castle fantasy light novel series.

The manga is described as:

After saving the world from the Demon Lord, the Hero, Leo, discovers that there isn’t a place for him in it anymore. The incredible strength that made him humanity’s greatest asset during the war is just a terrifying threat in times of peace, and he soon finds himself shunned from human society. But if the forces of good won’t have him, that means it’s time for him to apply elsewhere—for a job with his former enemy, the Demon Lord’s Army.

Source: ANN