The episode opens with a flashback of Fugan and Mugan remembering being told by their caretaker about Ouroboros’ plan to use them to take down the heroes. We see that Fugan and Mugan weren’t eager to do it at first, but after talking with each other and realizing that the organization was making him ask them, they decide to go along with the plan to make him happy. Their caretaker also has a flashback, which includes him overhearing their conversation. The flashbacks we see early on in this episode establish that Fugan and Mugan are grateful to their caretaker for taking them in, and that their caretaker cares about the two of them as if they were his own sons.

A lot of the episode, though, focuses on the battle between the remaining heroes and Fugan and Mugan. There are several twists that happen throughout the fight, and we also see partnerships of the heroes playing an important role. Whether it’s the partners on the battlefield working together, or Magical Cat opening up the good luck charm from Dragon Kid and seeing the message that was inside it, these partnerships were crucial to help weaken and take down the antagonists. But the biggest thing was how He Is Thomas actually worked with Kotetsu and Barnaby to help bring about the end of the battle. There was an interaction with Mr. Black leading up to this point that seemed to affect He Is Thomas, and perhaps this was what made him willing to work with a couple of the other heroes for the conclusion of the fight.

At the lab, Gregory (the inmate test subject that Ouroboros has been testing the drug on) grabs a gun, shoots at the various people in the lab, and grabs the drug. Fugan and Mugan’s caretaker discovers what’s going on and tries to stop Gregory from escaping. At the most crucial moment, mortally wounded Fugan and Mugan warp to where their caretaker is. Their arrival distracts their caretaker, which gives Gregory an opening to shoot and kill all three of them and make his escape. But before Fugan and Mugan’s caretaker dies, he takes off his glove and we see he has NEXT ability. He touches one of the boys and the petrified superheroes wake up in the hospital.

At the hospital, we see the various hero buddy groups interacting and showing their care and concern for each other. This is then followed by a scene of Director Petrov using his Lunatic ability to burn his proposal to abolish the hero buddy system. It seems that the final fight with Fugan an Mugan made Petrov change his mind.

After seeing Gregory make his escape, I had a feeling that he was being established as the antagonist for the second half of Tiger & Bunny 2. The post-credits scene at the end of this episode proved that my thought on this was correct.

To be honest, I had kind of guessed after Fugan and Mugan were given the drug that this would somehow end up backfiring on them. It turns out I was right about this for Fugan. He became overconfident with his power, and Barnaby guessed something correctly after seeing how Fugan was acting after taking down Kotetsu in the previous episode. I guessed that somehow, the heroes would be able to exploit their overconfidence to turn the tide. While this plot point may have been predictable, I wasn’t entirely sure exactly how the heroes were going to pull off exploiting the duo’s overconfidence.

Overall, I think this was a satisfying conclusion for this portion of Tiger & Bunny 2. The storyline with Fugan and Mugan was wrapped up, and we got a payoff for all of the focus on the hero buddies earlier on in the season. This portion of the season also made it clear that there’s a loose end of a new antagonist, and viewers who have already invested this much time into the season will likely be willing to come back to see how the heroes deal with this new threat.

It was announced that the second half of Tiger & Bunny 2 is scheduled to premiere worldwide on Netflix on October 7, 2022. So I’ve got wait roughly three months before I can continue the series and find out what happens to our heroes going forward.

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