The English cast has been announced for the Shin Ikki Tousen anime:

  • Frank Todaro is Narrator
  • Dhoi Kao is Basara
  • Dhoi Kao is Choukou
  • Michele Knotz is Chou’un
  • Michelle Marie is Gakushin
  • Ivan Buckley is Gakushu
  • Carrie Savage is Hakufu
  • Harley Lainey is Himiko
  • Michelle Marie is Indara
  • Jason Charles Miller is Jokou
  • Morgan Berry is Kan’u
  • Megan Taylor Harvey is Koumei
  • Geoff Bisente is PA Voice
  • Kris Selany is Roshuku
  • Natsuki Belmont is Sonken
  • Kris Selany is Sonken (Male)
  • Adriana Cazador is Ukitsu
  • Valentina Perez is Yamada
  • Geoff Bisente, Megan Taylor Harvey, Dhoi Kao, Jason Charles Miller, Frank Todaro, Indara’s Dolls, and Michelle Marie are Fighters
  • Constance LeJiggles is Ganryu
  • Valentina Perez is Jofuku
  • Samantha Tabak is Ryomou
  • B. Simpson is Ryuubi
  • Bonnie Gordon is Soujin
  • Valentina Perez is Station Announcer
  • Corina Boettger is Takezou
  • EZ Pickens is Tamonmaru

Geoff Bisente is directing the dub.

The first episode of the English dub of the Shin Ikki Tousen anime is now available on Crunchyroll.

Source: Crunchyroll