Early on, the episode is showing the audience that Loid is getting overworked with extra missions in addition to Operation Strix, while at the same time, giving the audience a reminder of the concept behind the characters and the series. Unfortunately, the neighbors are starting to notice that Loid keeps coming home late, which is firing up the rumor mill. Loid overhears the neighbors talking, and he decides to take Yor and Anya to a family outing to the aquarium that weekend.

Unfortunately, as they’re headed to the museum, Loid sees a summons for another mission for that day. He tries to refuse by saying he’s taking Yor and Anya to the aquarium as part of Operation Strix, and it turns out the new mission is going to be at the aquarium. Loid, much to his chagrin, agrees to take on the mission. Let’s be honest for a moment, though. If he’s already going to be at the aquarium, it’s kind of hard for him to say he can’t do the mission. But during this episode, I kept feeling for Loid whenever I saw how tired and overworked he looked. That feeling is very relatable to anyone who is currently or who has been in the workforce.

Loid’s already trying to figure out how he’s going to pull off his mission and not raise Yor and Anya’s suspicions, but things become complicated when they run into one of their neighbors and Yor invites them to join them. Prior to going to the aquarium, Loid had been stressing that they need to act like a normal family. As we see in Yor’s thoughts, she thinks that being friendly to the neighbors is part of acting like a normal family. Well, Yor’s not wrong about this.

Anya, with her telepathic ability, picks up that Loid is looking for a penguin that was forced to swallow the plans for a weapon. We see Anya trying to use her ability to read the penguins’ minds, and she admits that it’s much harder for her to read a penguin’s mind than to read the minds of other people. But she eventually notices a penguin that seems to be having problems breathing, which she points out to Loid. Loid realizes this must be the penguin he’s looking for, and begins his mission.

Loid pulling off his mission is actually quite amusing, and I loved seeing how Anya and Yor also played a part in taking down the guy who Loid was needing to stop. Yor, obviously, was unaware of this fact. She only got involved because Anya grabs on to the guy and cries out to Yor that he’s kidnapping her. So Yor gives the guy a good swift kick under the idea that she was saving Anya from a kidnapper.

I also liked seeing how Loid covered up his long absence to the neighbors when he returns with a large penguin plush, explaining that he was determined to win this prize for Anya at a contest to guess the penguins’ names. Of course, Anya knows that he got it in one try because he had memorized the list of names while performing his mission. But this lie works on the neighbors, and they come to better appreciate Loid. At least Loid was able to accomplish this secondary mission, which was to remove the doubts that the neighbors had about him and his family.

The final scene of the episode was so amusing, where Anya is pretending to be part of a spy organization and bringing her new plush penguin into the organization. The tour of the headquarters (aka the Forgers’ home) was also cute, but she was going to try to sneak into Loid’s room and Yor’s room. She was caught, but Anya acts like a normal kid and says she hates her parents and threatens to run away. It was adorable seeing how Loid and Yor defused the situation and brought peace back to their household.

After watching this episode, I think this was a nice way to end the first cour. Even though the dog being added to the family was hinted at near the end of Episode 11, I think it makes sense to not actually officially add the dog until the next cour.

Even though I enjoyed this episode, it also felt a little bittersweet knowing that this would be the last episode of Spy x Family that I’ll be seeing for about three months. Spy x Family is a series I looked forward to watching every weekend, and I’m going to miss it.

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