Sentai Filmworks Licenses the League of Nations Air Force Aviation Magic Band Luminous Witches Anime

Sentai Filmworks has announced that it has acquired the exclusive rights to the musical mecha series League of Nations Air Force Aviation Magic Band Luminous Witches, the standalone spin-off of Strike Witches. Sentai will premiere the series exclusively on HIDIVE, its direct-to-consumer streaming service, during the Summer 2022 simulcast season.

The war against invading aliens can’t be won by missiles alone. Team morale matters just as much as launching a counterassault, and that’s where Ginny and her friends come in. Instead of standing on the front lines with the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, the Luminous Witches of the League of Nations Air Force bring smiles to civilians displaced in the human-Neuroi war world with thrilling song and dance — not to mention aerial displays the likes of which the music world has never seen. While they might be non-combatants, these performers know the value of preserving the people’s smiles, and they’ll fight in their unique way to make sure those smiles never fade.

Based on the original story created by Fumikane Shimada and Projekt World Witches, the series is animated by studio SHAFT with direction and series composition from Shoji Saeki. Humikane Shimada provides original character design.

The series stars Mai Narumi as Virginia Robertson, Minako Hosokawa as Inori Shibuya, Ami Aimoto as Lyudmila Andreyevna Ruslanova, Ryo Mamiya as Aira Paivikki Linnamaa, Sayaka Tsuduki as Eleonore Giovanna Gassion, Kana Konaka as Maria Magdalene Dietrich, Misaki Yuki as Manaia Matawhaura Hato, Rino Yoshikita as Silvie Cariello, and Rio Mamesaki as Joanna Elizabeth Stafford.

League of Nations Air Force Aviation Magic Band Luminous Witches will premiere exclusively on HIDIVE in Summer 2022 with a home video release to follow.

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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