Spy x Family: Episode 11 – “STELLA”

At the beginning of this episode, Loid is going through Anya’s schoolwork, and she’s gotten an “F” on every paper he looks at. When Anya puts up yet another fuss about not wanting to study, Loid decides to try to find a talent that Anya can perfect in order to earns Stellas. Unfortunately, everything she tries shows she’s not up to Stella level.

Loid then decides to try the community service route for earning Stellas. He volunteers himself and Anya at the local hospital, but Anya keeps causing problems no matter where she and Loid are assigned. They are dismissed, but before they leave, Anya hears through her telepathy that someone is drowning in the therapeutic pool. She rushes to the pool and dives in, but of course, she’s too weak to be able to actually save the boy that’s drowning. Loid jumps in and saves both children, but Anya is given credit for saving him since she discovered that he was drowning. To cover up her telepathic abilities, she says she ran into the pool to swim and saw bubbles coming up out of the water.

But this act earns Anya her first Stella, and it turns out she’s the first student in the first grade to get one. Anya does let this go to her head a little bit, though… which causes some of her classmates to be jealous of her and gossiping behind her back about how she probably either pushed the kid into the pool herself or that her family paid for the Stella. Damian actually stands up for Anya, but only because he’s frustrated that she earned a Stella before he did… and did it fair and square.

But after getting her Stella, Anya has a couple of amusing daydreams about becoming friends with Damian and helping Loid achieve world peace. I love how these were animated and portrayed, because it felt like they really came from the mind of a young child.

At lunch, Becky asks Anya what kind of reward she wants to get from her family for earning her Stella. Anya keeps it simple with a bag of peanuts, but Becky tells her it needs to be something better than that. Anya is struggling to think of anything, and then Becky mentions her dog. Anya decides she wants a dog as her reward. Loid thinks a dog would be a great idea, and that if it’s trained well enough, it can secure the house. Yor keeps envisioning violent dogs harming Anya, and of course, Anya can see this with her telepathy. Poor Anya. And what kind of experiences has Yor had with dogs to make her think of them as being violent? Maybe she’s had violent encounters with dogs on her assassination missions?

At the end of the episode, the viewer is given a scene that seems to be hinting at the dog that the family will end up getting for Anya. But with what’s established about the dogs where this dog is located, I’m wondering how the Forgers will end up with this dog. Loid tells Anya they’ll be going to a pet store, but we hear in this thoughts that the organization he works for would likely be the one getting the dog. All I can guess is that the organization will have some kind of connection with the place where this dog is being housed and will be able to get a hold of it for Loid.

The preview for Episode 12, which is going to be the final episode of this cour, doesn’t show the dog, so I don’t know if the dog will become part of the Forger family at the end of this cour or at the beginning of the next cour. But I am curious to see what note the anime is going to end this cour on.

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