Tiger & Bunny 2: Episode 11 – “Every cloud has a silver lining.”

The episode opens with a flashback of when Fugan and Mugan were kids and how they were treated. We then see what happened to Dragon Kid and Origami Cyclone, and they end up in the same situation that Fire Emblem and Sky High are in. Agnes tells the remaining heroes to stand down, to go out in pairs, and to stay in the workout area when they’re not on duty.

As the various heroes are heading to the training area, we get scenes of Magical Cat and her mother, as well as of Golden Ryan talking with Blue Rose’s mother. Magical Cat’s mother shows no remorse about what happened to Dragon Kid and even tells her daughter that this is now her chance to make a name for herself. Magical Cat actually snaps back at her mother, but unfortunately, she quickly backs down. While this is a step in the right direction, I hope that Magical Cat will be able to truly find the strength she needs to stand up to her mother by the end of the series. I already didn’t like Magical Cat’s mother prior to this scene, and this scene just makes me dislike her even more.

When Golden Ryan and Blue Rose are headed to their destination, Ryan learns that Blue Rose wanted to see her friends performing in a park. Ryan actually takes her to the park to see them, and I was afraid they’d be attacked at the concert. Fortunately, I was wrong on that. Afterward, we get a scene of the two of them starting to get a better understanding about each other, and I especially liked seeing how much more humbled Ryan has become over the course of this season. He’s really come a long way from the character who was first introduced in the second Tiger & Bunny anime film. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by Fugan and Mugan warping into the car and taking them away.

It turns out that prior to going after Blue Rose and Golden Ryan, Fugan and Mugan had gone to the training area and attacked the heroes who were there (He Is Thomas, Mr. Black, Rock Bison, and Magical Cat). The two villains have borrowed a jamming device from their “old man” (who is part of the group from Ouroboros that is at the lab testing the drug that Barnaby’s childhood friend Mattia had been developing), so the heroes can’t call out.

Wild Tiger makes a final visit to Barnaby at the hospital, and runs into Mattia (who is also a patient at the hospital). Tiger asks Mattia to visit him in his place, since Tiger won’t be able to visit for a while. He agrees to do that. Later, Mattia’s partner meets up with him at the hospital. When Mattia asks who the sponsor is for their research, his partner says it’s none of his business.

Back at the training area, Rock Bison takes the lead. He asks Blue Rose and Golden Ryan to come up with a distraction so he can help the newer heroes escape, so word can get out as to what’s happening. He Is Thomas and Mr. Black don’t want to run away, but Rock Bison acts as the level-headed senior and does what he needs to do to make sure they follow through with his plan. As this is going on, Tiger is visiting the director and pitching a plan to go after Fugan and Mugan. The director refuses to even consider the plan. However, after Tiger and the director receive word of what’s happening and see the ruined training area for themselves, Tiger asks if he’s still content to do nothing.

Fugan and Mugan, meanwhile, warp to the lab after Blue Rose and Golden Ryan nearly defeat them. When they complain about what happen, the female member of Ouroboros offers them a shot of the drug they’re testing. It turns out that it enhances the abilities of people who are already NEXT, rather than stimulating the brains of non-NEXT. Their guardian keeps telling her that he doesn’t see the two of them as pawns and doesn’t want them being used as test subjects, but Fugan and Mugan say they want the drug. We see pretty quickly that after they get the injection, their abilities become stronger. I do find it interesting that even though their guardian is part of a group like Ouroboros, he seems to genuinely care about his two wards. And knowing that this drug hasn’t entirely finished being tested yet, I have a suspicion that at some point here, it’s going to cause problems for Fugan and Mugan.

It should be noted that in various scenes in this episode, it’s being made clear that Christmas is coming up (we see an advent calendar at Magical Cat’s house, Blue Rose’s house is decked out with Christmas lights, and we see Christmas-themed balloons around Stern Bild). As I recall, the opening scene of the first episode that showed us Fugan, Mugan, and Barnaby said it was set around Christmas. These visual cues seem to be telling me that we’re getting closer to catching up to this scene.

And with the very final shot of the episode, I think we’re getting ever closer to catching up to that opening scene…

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