Case Closed: Episode 1047 – “The Red Sheep’s Eerie Game (Part One)”

At the beginning of the episode, a young man goes to Kogoro to hire him for a job. His girlfriend (who works at the same restaurant as him) has been kidnapped. The young man received a note from “The Red Sheep,” who claims to be the kidnapper. The note tells him to meet The Red Sheep at midnight at a park, and to come alone and not to involve the police. While Kogoro thinks it’s strange the kidnapper isn’t demanding a ransom, he takes on the case. When Ran sees a picture of The Red Sheep (which is obviously someone in a costume), she feels like she’s seen the sheep before but can’t remember where.

At the park around midnight, the young man’s girlfriend runs up to him, and there’s no sign of a kidnapper anywhere. It turns out this is some kind of an online thing for girls to do to test their boyfriend’s courage. Needless to say, Kogoro is pissed that he was dragged into this stunt.

Meanwhile, both Conan and Ran are curious about The Red Sheep and they leave the house to head to the park. On their way, they encounter someone wearing The Red Sheep costume run past. When they go to where the sheep came from, they find that someone has been murdered. And not surprisingly, Conan tells Ran to call the police and an ambulance. Inspector Megure and Detective Takagi are on the case, and Kogoro ends up investigating it as well when he learns about the murder suspect wearing a red sheep costume and that the victim is the head chef of the restaurant where the couple works.

After this, the episode spends its time gathering up the potential suspects (the co-owner of the restaurant, two of the chefs, and the couple involved in the test the previous night). As they’re being questioned about alibis, Conan notices something in the kitchen that is probably a potential clue, but doesn’t mention it to the police or to Kogoro. Not only does Conan not say anything, but we don’t even hear his thoughts about this potential clue at any point in the episode. I suspect it’s somehow going to become an important clue and Conan will mention it in the next episode.

It also comes out that the head chef received a threating message on his computer from The Red Sheep, saying that they have kidnapped someone and are demanding a ransom. Conan and Ran suddenly remember The Red Sheep they saw carrying a black bag and assume the money was in that. Why didn’t they mention seeing the bag that night when the police came? Were they so surprised by what they saw that they forgot about it until the ransom was mentioned the next day? It just seems a little out of character for Conan to not mention an unusual detail like that when talking with the police.

One of the suspects shares a video from a video sharing site showing someone in The Red Sheep costume disrupting couples out on the street, and when Ran gets a closer look, she has a reaction to seeing the sheep. This jogs Conan’s memory of when he (as young Shinichi) and young Ran saw this sheep at a festival when they were in kindergarten. Conan realizes there’s a costume rental shop nearby and goes to investigate. He’s mistaken as a thief who’s been taking the red sheep costume without permission, but fortunately, Kogoro and Ran arrive in time and clear up the confusion. After Conan left, Ran realized on her own where she’d seen the costume before, and this led her and Kogoro to come to this shop.

They learn that after the red sheep costume was rented out three weeks earlier, that same costume was suddenly being stolen at night and returned the next morning. Since it kept being returned, the guy who runs the shop decided not to report it to the police. Right at the end of the episode, there’s a surprising revelation as to who it was that rented the costume three weeks earlier.

I have to be honest and say that this particular case feels like it’s been thrown together, and that it’s not up to the usual Case Closed standards. It also doesn’t help that we never got to know the victim before he was murdered, since his first and only appearance is as a corpse. Because of never getting the opportunity to know the victim in any manner before his death, it kind of made it hard for me to care about this particular case. While we get to know more about him as the restaurant employees are interviewed by the police, that’s more for the police to get information they need rather than allowing the audience to get to know the victim.

To be honest, the only reason I’m going to watch next week’s episode is so I can say that I watched it and to be able to post a write-up for my blog… because by the end of this episode, I found that I really wasn’t caring about this case or what the truth behind it is.

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