Manga Planet and futekiya Bring Back the All-You-Can-Read Manga Subscription Plan for $1.99

Online manga subscription services Manga Planet and futekiya are bringing back the one-week subscription plan, which offers subscribers access to either the Manga Planet or futekiya Libraries for $1.99.

“I am pleased to announce that due to the popularity of the limited time offer on our one-week subscription plan, from today, the one-week plan has been officially added as a permanent subscription option,” says Hiroki Kurihara, President and Board Member of FANTASISTA, Inc. the operating company behind Manga Planet and futekiya. “For example, if you want to relax and read some manga over a free weekend, you could subscribe to this plan with ease.”

There are currently over 600 officially licensed Japanese manga titles between both the Manga Planet and futekiya Libraries. With the one-week plan, fans can have unlimited access to either the Manga Planet or futekiya Library for seven days. Both libraries have frequent updates, and subscribers using this plan can have the full Manga Planet and futekiya experience at an affordable price.

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