Spy x Family: Episode 10 – “THE GREAT DODGEBALL PLAN”

The episode opens with Master Henderson going about his morning routine as he gets ready to start his day teaching at Eden Academy. We also see Damian in his dorm’s lobby, looking at the picture taken at the entrance ceremony. You can tell that the fact his parents aren’t in it is bothering him, and then his two lackeys come up with a book that has pictures of Damian’s older brother in it. His lackeys keep gushing about Damian’s brother, and you can tell by the expressions on Damian’s face that this is bothering him. Fortunately, his lackeys start praising Damian, saying that he’ll surpass his brother. I appreciated seeing this moment of vulnerability for Damian, though. Prior to this, he came across as simply being an arrogant jerk.

There’s going to be a dodgeball tournament between classes coming up, and a rumor is going around that the student who is the MVP at the end is going to get a Stella. Anya passes this on to Loid and Yor, but Loid has his doubts since the source of the information is a rumor. But Yor decides she’s going to train Anya for the upcoming dodgeball tournament. We get an amusing sequence of Yor’s training, and the best part is when Yor demonstrates how to throw the ball. That poor tree!

When we get to the actual dodgeball tournament, it turns out a kid on the other team named Bill is much bigger than the other kids. He doesn’t look or sound like he’s six years old, but in a flashback we see from Bill’s perspective, he only comes up to his father’s waist. How big do the members of this kid’s family get?

Damian and his lackeys decide they need to focus on Bill. Unfortunately, Bill starts taking down members of Anya and Damian’s class left and right. But Damian and his lackeys give it their all, and it was amusing to see them in a flashback using their imagination as they “trained” for the upcoming tournament. In that flashback, there’s a reference to Dragon Ball Z. In the actual game itself, Damian and his lackeys even provide a Naruto reference.

As the tournament gets closer to the end, the team is down to two people: Damian and Anya. With Anya’s telepathic abilities, she’s able to know what Bill is planning to do when he throws the ball, so she keeps dodging it. I thought it was funny how Bill became quite broken when Anya easily dodged the throw that usually catches people off-guard. But at one point, Anya trips and falls without time to get up before Bill throws the ball again. Even though Bill says he goes easier on girls, he throws the ball with all his might as Anya is down on the ground. Damian does something surprising, which causes him to go out.

Anya is the last one standing, and she readies the “killer move” that Yor taught her, and it looks like Anya is going to be the hero of the game…

Even though I questioned Bill right at first, I found that after I got used to him being there that the dodgeball match was uproariously funny. A couple of my favorite shots, though, were of Anya looking so determined. I also loved seeing her “heh” face pop up as well during the match.

While this episode may not have progressed the overarching story, it did provide some character development for Damian. It also gave Yor a chance to shine as well. Loid was almost completely absent for this episode, but he really wasn’t important. And considering that the previous two episodes focused on Loid and Yor, I appreciated getting an episode that strongly focused on Anya.

It’s hard to believe there are only two more episodes left before Spy x Family takes a break. I’m very curious to see what note the series ends on for this cour.

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