Tiger & Bunny 2: Episode 10 – “Pride comes before a fall.”

This is the episode where Fugan and Mugan (the two pale guys going around attacking heroes) finally make their move. When Kotetsu goes to visit Barnaby in the hospital, he sees a mobile with ugly depictions of the heroes attached to it above his hospital bed. Kotetsu goes to find someone on the hospital staff to ask if they know who put that decoration up. When he returns to the room, he finds the figures for Fire Emblem and Sky High are on the ground.

At the same time, Fugan and Mugan attack Fire Emblem and Sky High, then call in a report about them being attacked. The two heroes have been frozen and cannot move, and they are now in the ICU. The other heroes are shown footage from Fire Emblem and Sky High’s suits, so they can see exactly what happened and what the perpetrators look like. They are advised to not go out alone, but some of the heroes feel safe because they don’t show their faces in public.

The tension picks up when Kotetsu makes another trip to Barnaby’s hospital room and finds the mobile is back up again. He asks the guards who are now posted outside of his room if anyone had come in, they say no one has. He then notices that Rock Bison’s figure is on the ground. Rock Bison, along with Dragon Kid and Origami Cyclone, have come to the hospital to visit Sky High and Fire Emblem, so Kotetsu realizes that Fugan and Mugan are somewhere in the hospital. After Kotetsu reaches Rock Bison on his phone and tells him the situation, Kotetsu sees that Origami Cyclone and Dragon Kid’s figures are now on the ground instead of Rock Bison’s.

It turns out that Fugan and Mugan have kidnapped Origami Cyclone and Dragon Kid and taken them to a nearby subway station that’s under construction. While Dragon Kid and Origami Cyclone are fighting with Mugan (Fugan leaves after having an argument with Mugan), Agnes has to reveal to the other heroes that someone managed to access Hero TV’s data files and get all of the superheroes’ true identities when the heroes realize that Origami Cyclone doesn’t show his face as a superhero… so they shouldn’t have known what he looks like.

He Is Thomas actually plays an important role near the end of the episode. He’s on his phone and coming across as rather aloof, but it turns out he’s doing some research that helps the heroes determine where Origami Cyclone and Dragon Kid are. It appears that the two heroes have captured and subdued Mugan, but it turns out he wasn’t being honest about what his power is. To be honest, if the viewer is paying attention, they should pick up on the fact that Mugan’s power isn’t what he claims it is. And to be even more honest, Dragon Kid, at least, should have picked up on it as well since she was the one fighting him. But because she and Origami Cyclone didn’t pick up on this fact, Mugan is able to use his power to kidnap these two heroes again and disappear as the other heroes arrive to reunite with their comrades.

The vast majority of this episode focuses on what’s going on with the heroes, but there’s one scene at the research lab. The representative from Ouroboros has brought a “present” for the researcher for the drug they’ve been working on. While this is important for that storyline, the story with the heroes had to be in the forefront to get that portion of it moving.

I’m glad that Mugan and Fugan are finally playing an important role in the series. We knew from the very first scene in the first episode that they would be important, but they spent most of their time up to this point appearing in brief after-credits scenes. But with only three more episodes left in this section of Tiger & Bunny 2 that Netflix has released, I’m not sure if we can get the pieces in place to circle back to the scene that opened the first episode. It’s going to be interesting to see how the final episode in this drop for Tiger & Bunny 2 is going to end.

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