Case Closed: Episode 1046 – “The Birthday Party of Divine Punishment (Part Two)”

The episode opens with a brief recap of the murder mystery at the birthday party, and then backtracks into Mary’s flashback of the day she was poisoned. After the opening credits, the episode continues with Mary’s flashback, which ends with her meeting up with Sera as her shrunken self. This part of the flashback serves as a transition back to the mystery, because we see that this last part of the flashback is also something that Sera is remembering.

Most of the rest of the episode is spent solving the murder mystery at the birthday party. While questioning the four suspects about potential motives, it’s determined that while they had grievances with the victim, none of them seemed to be murder worthy.

Later, Inspector Megure and Detective Takagi find a stain on the floor they hadn’t seen before. Thanks to a photo Sera had taken on her phone, she can prove the stain wasn’t there before the murder happened. Inspector Chiba also brings news of another potential clue. This new clue makes it look like the pastry chef is guilty instead of Ran, Sonoko, and Sera’s friend. But as more information becomes available, both Sera and Conan realize who the true culprit is, and Sera is able to help prove a couple of things with two demonstrations she puts on. I don’t want to reveal who the guilty party is, but what I will say is that their motivation for the murder was on the creepy side. As the guilty party rushes toward Conan and Sera with a chair, Ran jumps in and uses her martial arts to stop the chair from hitting her friends and to subdue the guilty party. But during the confusion, Sera grabs onto Conan to make it look like she’s concerned for him, but she’s really using this opportunity to grab his medicine container that has the antidote for the poison inside of it.

After they’re allowed to leave, Sera separates from the others and calls her mother to tell her she has the antidote. This leads to another flashback, when Sera and Mary are in London. They’re watching the Wimbledon match that Sera had recorded, and they see Conan appear on the screen. They realize he looks like the kid they met on the beach years ago, and Mary starts revealing all the information she has found on Shinichi Kudo and that she learned he had come to London recently. As Mary and Sera share information with each other, they realize that the kid they see has to be Shinichi, and that he was also shrunk down by the poison. This has to be what ultimately led Mary and Sera to come to Japan and for Sera to transfer into Ran and Sonoko’s school. As someone who has only seen what FUNimation Entertainment has licensed for Case Closed and what Crunchyroll has simulcast, I don’t know if this had ever truly been addressed earlier in the series or not. But, for me at least, I was glad to see this flashback to help fill in this gap. When I started watching Crunchyroll’s simulcast when they started streaming episodes, Sera was already introduced to the series and was already known to the other characters.

After the flashback, Sera opens the medicine container and gets an unexpected surprise. However, since she now knows that Conan has access to an antidote, I imagine Sera’s going to make it a mission to get a hold of that antidote for her mother. Unfortunately, Sera and Mary are unaware of the side effects of this antidote, so they don’t realize that it’s not going to be the solution that they think it’s going to be.

I forgot to mention that in the flashback at the beginning of the episode, Vermouth makes a mention that the poison was developed by Mary’s younger sister. If that’s true then Ai would be Sera’s cousin. Which is kind of amusing, since Sera believes that Ai is another person who was shrunk down by the poison. Sera’s right on that, of course, but Ai isn’t going to admit it. But it’s getting interesting to see just how intertwined some of the characters in this series really are.

While the first episode of this two-parter focused on establishing the mystery, the mystery felt like it was the secondary focus of this episode. It almost felt like this mystery existed for the purpose of being able to provide more backstory for Mary and Sera, as well as to make Sera aware of the existence of the antidote. After watching Part Two, I walked away from it with Sera and Mary’s backstory leaving a much stronger impression. The murder mystery in this two-part episode wasn’t bad, but in the end, it’s overshadowed by the backstory.

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