Sakamoto Days Volume Two sees assassins coming after Taro Sakamoto in order to collect the bounty that’s been placed on his head.

Sakamoto Days Volume Two
Written by: Yuto Suzuki
Publisher: Shueisha Inc.
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: June 14, 2022

Most of the volume takes place at the amusement park trip that Sakamoto is taking with his family, along with Shin and Lu. The volume starts out with Shin going up against an assassin that uses poison while on a rollercoaster track. Even though Shin is poisoned, he’s still able to keep up with his attacker. Their fight culminates with them crashing into a stage show. Shin puts on the costume for the rabbit character and takes down the assassin in front of an audience (which includes Sakamoto and his family).

After this assassin is defeated, the story introduces two more assassins: Boiled (who’s known Sakamoto since they were teens and has a personal grudge against him) and Obiguro (Boiled’s female partner). These two become important when Sakamoto and the others go into a haunted house. Lu and Shin end up against Obiguro, while Sakamoto takes on Boiled.

Before their arrival, Lu drinks some strong alcohol… and during the fight with Obiguro, it’s revealed that she uses “drunken fist.” Ah yes… the technique that somehow works while someone is drunk but is usually played more for laughs than anything else. By the end of the fight between these two women, they become friends.

Meanwhile, during the fight between Sakamoto and Boiled, and it ends up that Sakamoto burns enough calories that he slims down and goes all out. The two of them end up falling outside, with Sakamoto sending Boiled flying into a ferris wheel and causing damage. Leading up to their fight, though, the reader gets to see some flashbacks from Boiled to help set up why he has such a grudge against Sakamoto. While his grudge is rooted in some rather petty reasons, at least the reader has a better understanding of Boiled. Even though the reasons are petty, they ultimately work in a manga like Sakamoto Days since the manga is more on the comedic side.

The best part of the story at the amusement park, though, is when Sakamoto’s wife learns that the former assassins have been hiding the fact that Sakamoto has a bounty on his head and that they’ve been trying to secretly protect Sakamoto’s wife and daughter so they could enjoy their outing. Sakamoto’s wife shows how tough she is when she whips out the family rulebook and points out that one of the rules is that there are no secrets in the family. I was really amused when Boiled (who at this point is now hanging out with Sakamoto and the others at the amusement park) acts like Sakamoto’s wife also scolded him. In some respects, Sakamoto’s wife is almost more frightening than any of the assassins the reader has been introduced to up to this point in the story.

Sakamoto’s wife insists that her husband find a way to get the bounty taken off of his head. Sakamoto takes Shin and Lu with him to a location where he can get the information he needs to find where the organization that placed the price on his head is. I have to say that the cover for the location providing the information was quite amusing. But with what he gleans, Sakamoto and the others make it into the location… only to discover that the people they were looking for were all murdered by Nagumo, another assassin that Sakamoto knew from his assassin days. Nagumo is part of an investigation that’s trying to find the culprit who has been murdering assassins since around the same time the bounty was placed on Sakamoto. But this is as far as this plot point goes in this volume. I suspect that this will be a running theme in future volumes of Sakamoto Days.

The volume ends on a more light-hearted note, when Sakamoto’s daughter says she wants a particular backpack for when she starts school. It turns out this is a limited edition backpack and that parents are swarming to get them for their kids. It shouldn’t be surprising what Sakamoto does in order to obtain one, especially when it’s the last one in the whole store. Not only was this a lighter way to end the volume, it also illustrates just how much Sakamoto cares about his daughter. This story also includes a flashback of when Sakamoto’s daughter was born and the interactions he and his daughter have while in the hospital. I liked the addition of this flashback, and to be honest, I found it to be sweet.

Overall, I thought that Sakamoto Days Volume Two was a strong continuation from the first volume of the series. With the main characters being established by the end of the first volume, the second volume could spend more of its time progressing the story forward. The potential I saw in the series after reading Volume One was still present when I read this volume.

If you read and enjoyed Sakamoto Days Volume One, then I think you will also appreciate how the story continues in Volume Two.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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