The Fandom Post is reporting that Tubi TV has added the English dub of the Nana Seven of Seven anime to its service.

The story of Nana Seven of Seven is described as:

Nana Suzuki winds up being split into seven copies of herself. Besides the original Nana, there’s also a smart Nana, a happy Nana, an angry Nana, a sensitive Nana, a sad Nana, and a slow Nana.

Nana Suzuki, living with her inventor Grandfather who is searching for a way to capture a rainbow in crystal form, gets split into seven copies of herself when her Grandfather’s crystal experiment goes awry. Now with the original Nana, there’s an athletic/hot-tempered Nana (Nanappe), a happy Nana (Nanacchi), a sensitive Nana (Nanarin), a slow/child-like Nana (Nanakko), a sexy Nana (Nanapon), and a smart Nana (Nanasama).

Source: The Fandom Post