The English cast has been announced for the Everything for Demon King Evelogia anime:

  • Ciarán Strange is Evelogia
  • Patrick M. Seymour is Gozu/Young Gozu
  • Elsie Lovelock is Tishia
  • Will de Renzy-Martin is MacKiddie
  • Edwyn Tiong is Merchant
  • Bradley Gareth is Eve’s Father
  • Aimee Smith is Eve’s Mother
  • Steve Warky Nunez is Lead Mobster
  • Chelsea Simmons is Young Boy 1A
  • Kirsten Candelore is Young Boy 1B
  • John Montoya is Assassin
  • Darnell Anderson-Lloyd is Male Townsperson 4C
  • Justice Washington is Innkeeper
  • Lisle Wilkerson is Festival Woman 9C

Additional voices include:

  • Steven Aries
  • Julie Rei Goldstein
  • Ashley Rose Kaplan
  • Darrel Guilbeau
  • Venus Carey
  • Reece Bridger
  • Ryan Hoyle
  • Sean Tay
  • Lisle Wilkerson
  • Chelsea Simmons
  • Kirsten Cadelore
  • Danielle McRae
  • Kevin Frane
  • Dominique Dinh
  • Shane Tay

Patrick M. Seymour and Kiba Walker are directing the English dub.

Source: ANN