Tiger & Bunny 2: Episode 7 – “Out of the mouths of babes oft times come gems.”

At the beginning of the episode, it looks like Kotetsu and Barnaby are finally going to have that drink together, but Kotetsu realizes he forgot his wallet. When they go to Kotetsu’s place, they discover that Kaede and her friend from school are there. They have a school assignment about their parents’ careers, and Kaede has come to talk with her dad and hopefully get a tour of where he works. Unfortunately, Kotetsu can’t get permission to take Kaede on a tour, but Barnaby makes arrangements to take the girls on a tour of the lab where his friend works.

During this episode, it comes out that Barnaby’s friend is developing a drug that will stimulate all the parts of a person’s brain, with the hope of breaking down the barriers between the NEXT and the non-NEXT. As we see later, time is running out for his research… if he can’t get results within two months, the sponsors will withdraw their funding and the lab will have to shut down. We also learn that Barnaby’s friend is a test subject, along with one of the other researchers in the lab. Since we’re starting to see a little more focus on this, I suspect that this is going to become another important plot point in this season of Tiger & Bunny.

However, most of the focus of this episode is on Kaede and her relationship with her father. Kaede is acting a little “too perfect” around her father, and it comes out that the school project wasn’t the only reason why she came to Stern Bild. It turns out that Kaede wants to be a superhero and was planning to check out the superhero academy without her dad’s knowledge. Kaede’s friend came along because she has awakened NEXT powers and wants to find a place where she won’t be seen as “weird” for having her powers. While Kotetsu is happy to hear that Kaede thinks he has a cool job, he’s not so sure he wants her to become a superhero because of how dangerous it is. Kaede storms out, with her friend following behind. Barnaby follows the two of them.

While Barnaby is with the girls, Kotetsu calls his brother and starts asking questions about how their mother reacted when he wanted to go to the superhero academy. After hearing what his brother has to say, he goes out to find Kaede.

While Barnaby is with the girls, he saves a child from being hit by a truck. Unfortunately, the truck slams into a construction site and causes an incident. Kaede decides to borrow her friend’s NEXT power (by using her own NEXT power to copy her friend’s ability) to try to save a couple of workers. Unfortunately, one of the workers is also a NEXT, which negates the power Kaede is using. But Kotetsu makes it just in time to save Kaede and the workers.

Overall, I thought the interactions between Kotetsu and Kaede felt very authentic. I’d been wondering why we hadn’t really seen or heard any references to Kaede this season, so I was glad to see this episode show up. Knowing that Kaede had a NEXT ability, I’d been wondering why this hadn’t been touched on or explored further in the series. This episode does this in a big way, and did it well. This also gave Kotetsu an episode where he has to grapple with his daughter wanting to be a superhero like him. I thought the writers handled the resolution of this episode well, because there was no way Kotetsu was going to have a final answer for Kaede right then and there at the end of the episode. And I think it was realistic that Kaede was satisfied enough for now that her father wasn’t outright telling her “no” to the superhero academy, that he was at least willing to take time to think things over.

And after the ending credits, we got a scene of the two guys taking down superheroes and their guardian on a plane, heading to Stern Bild. In the scene that was shown, the plane was getting ready to land, so they’ve almost made it. The question then is: will these characters become important in the next episode, or will their plan not be focused on in the main episode yet?

At this point, though, it seems the two main plotlines coming up are Barnaby’s friend’s research and the guys attacking superheroes launching their plan. Will these two plotlines somehow become intertwined? It’ll be interesting to watch the remaining episodes of Tiger & Bunny 2 that have been released so far in order to find out how this story is going to continue progressing.

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