Drawn & Quarterly to Release the Nejishiki Manga Collection in April 2023

ICv2 has reported that Drawn & Quarterly will release Yoshiharu Tsuge’s Nejishiki collection of short manga in April 2023. The company’s release of the Nejishiki collection will feature a new translation by Ryan Holmberg.

Tsuge began publishing the manga in the collection in Garo magazine in 1968. The Comics Journal published the manga in English in 2003 under the title Screw Style.

The collection is described as:

Nejishiki unveils the most iconic scenes from Yoshiharu Tsuge’s highly respected body of work alongside his most beloved stories. A cornerstone of Japan’s legendary 1960’s counterculture that galvanized avant-garde manga and comics criticism, the title story follows an injured young man as he wanders through a village of strangers in search of emotional and physical release. Other stories in this collection follow a series of weary travelers who while away sultry nights and face menacing doppelgangers. Even banal activities like afternoon strolls uncover unsavory impulses. The emotionally and erotically charged imagery collected in this third volume remains as shocking and vivid today as it did upon its debut 50 years ago.

Tsuge’s stories push boundaries, abruptly crossing the threshold of conventional storytelling. Unassuming protagonists venture further into eerie symbolism against a shadowy, perceptibly dreamlike landscape easily mistaken for the real world. The angst that pervades postwar Japanese society threatens to devour his characters and their pastoral sensibilities as each protagonist’s wanderlust turns surreal.

Drawn & Quarterly will also begin reprinting Shigeru Mizuki’s Kitaro manga in February 2023 with a new cover.

Source: ANN

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