Case Closed: Episode 1044 – “The Deadly Pork Soup Signal”

The episode opens with Kogoro and Conan walking down the street, and Kogoro mentioning that Megure has commented about how often the two of them just happen to come across their police investigations. And guess what? Just then, Kogoro and Conan come across an investigation.

This time, a woman has been murdered inside her apartment. Takagi and Chiba are investigating, and they fill Kogoro and Conan in on what they’ve found so far, which includes three sets of fingerprints that don’t belong to the victim. First, they talk to the woman’s boyfriend, whose fingerprints were found at the murder scene. It turns out he has an alibi for the time of the murder. However, the boyfriend mentions that his girlfriend’s boss has been making advances on her that she’s been rejecting and he suggests checking the boss out.

So Takagi, Chiba, Kogoro, and Conan visit the victim’s boss, and it turns out his fingerprints were also at the crime scene. From the moment they begin questioning this man, he just came across with a vibe that I just didn’t trust him. This became especially true after he was being so flippant with the police and accusing them of needing to spend time on more important matters like investigating particular pieces of evidence at the scene. He was so specific, it was like he knew more than he should have. It turns out that this evidence wasn’t there, and they press the boss for his alibi. He gives one, then tells them to go talk to his wife so she can confirm it.

When they visit his wife and start questioning her, Conan notices that her reactions aren’t normal and that she keeps looking at a particular statue. He picks up on the fact that there’s a microphone attached, and he texts Takagi and Chiba to let them know. Also, Conan notices a particular piece of art hanging on the wall and the date that’s on it. Takagi tries letting the wife know that they know the room is bugged without letting the husband know, and she tries to use the ingredients she’s using for a pork soup to tell them something important. The husband appears at that time and shoos Takagi, Chiba, Kogoro, and Conan away. But before they leave, Conan leaves a “good luck charm” with the wife.

I really can’t go into any more detail because it’ll provide direct spoilers for the episode. However, I do have one gripe about how Conan reveals the truth to Takagi and Chiba. He uses the stun dart and bowtie trick while in the backseat of a moving car, and I have a hard time believing that neither Takagi nor Chiba noticed anything going on in the back. I had a hard time using my “willing suspension of disbelief” for this scene.

This was an OK one-episode murder mystery. While I’ve seen stronger ones, I’ve also seen weaker ones as well. Like I said, my main issue was how the stun dart and bowtie trick were utilized in this episode. If it wasn’t for that, I probably would have a little better opinion of this episode.

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