Spy x Family: Episode 6 – “THE FRIENDSHIP SCHEME”

The episode opens with Loid, Yor, and Anya going to the tailor shop to order Anya’s uniform for Eden College. The tailor starts mentioning some of the negative things associated with an exclusive school like Eden (cliques forming between students with Eden alumni parents and those who don’t, bullying, etc.) Unfortunately, this scares Anya and starts putting ideas into her head.

Five days later, Anya’s uniform is ready to be picked up, but Loid has a briefing with his organization at the same time. He sends Yor to pick up the uniform with Anya.

During Loid’s briefing, we learn about the inner workings of Eden, and the best path forward for Loid to be able to get in contact with Desmond. It turns out he will only associate with the families of students who are among the elite scholars, and there is a certain system of how this is achieved. There is also a punishment system, and if a student hits a certain mark, they are automatically expelled from the school. Well, Loid knows he’s not going to be able to make an honor student out of Anya, so he starts coming up with other ideas.

Meanwhile, Yor and Anya go to pick up the uniform. Anya wants to go on an outing in her uniform, so she and Yor go to the park. It was so cute how Anya was acting like a normal kid and running up to everyone to show off her new uniform. Unfortunately, she also catches the attention of a group of punks who decide they should kidnap her and get ransom money. When they see Yor and Anya going to the grocery store together, they assume that Yor must be the hired help (since, in their view, rich people don’t shop for groceries for themselves). When they grab Anya, they get a surprise when Yor not only uses her skills to save Anya, but she also declares that she’s Anya’s mother. Unfortunately, this incident only reinforces the dangerous things that the tailor was saying, and Anya asks Yor to train her because she likes how strong her mama is.

It was kind of amusing in the grocery store, though, before Anya is kidnapped. From her dialogue, Yor makes t clear that she really has no idea what to buy to prepare a meal, so she just starts grabbing everything. The cart we see her take up to the register seems to be full of a lot of vegetables and not much of anything else. She obviously doesn’t know how to cook, so it’s good that Loid knows how. Otherwise, they’d be in trouble when it comes to meals.

When the family goes to the entrance ceremony at Eden College, it’s revealed that Anya is in the same class as Damian Desmond. Of course, we hear that Loid had a hand in this through his channels. But Loid is surprised when he sees who some of the other children are, and he really wants Anya to make friends with them all so he can have connections with their parents (since the parents are important people). Since he knows Anya will never be an honor student, he wants her to make friends with as many of her classmates as possible, including Desmond. Anya picks up on all of this with her telepathic abilities, of course. And well, when it comes to making friends, let’s just say that Damian is a jerk and he and Anya don’t hit it off. Anya does make friends with a girl in her class, although the road to becoming friends is a little rocky. It should also be mentioned that Housemaster Henderson is still at Eden College, but he has been demoted to teaching a class… which just happens to be Anya’s.

Well, let’s just say that Yor meant well with her training, but Anya does something that already causes her to get a demerit on her first day. Not only that, the incident makes it so the relationship between Anya and Damian is terrible. While Henderson likes the Forgers, he still has to follow the school’s rules, which is why Anya already got the demerit. Poor Loid. Phase 2 of Operation Strix is already off to a bad start, and he keeps emphasizing during the episode that his anxiety about the operation has returned.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the story progresses from here. At this point, how can Loid turn things around enough to salvage his mission? From the preview, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of what happens at Eden College, and I expect that at least, for the short term, we’re going to be seeing more of a focus on Anya and what she goes through at school, since that’s a major part of Phase 2 of Operation Strix. I really can’t wait to see next week’s episode in order to find out what happens to Anya, Loid, and Yor next.

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