The staff for the Anime Central event has announced that this year’s convention will no longer require masks, COVID-19 vaccination, or negative COVID-19 tests. Staff claimed that its policies are “based on current CDC Guidelines and align with the requirements of the Donald E. Stephens Conventions Center and state and local health authorities regarding large indoor events.” The convention is still strongly recommending that its attendees wear masks. In addition, attendees must acknowledge if they have symptoms of sickness or have been around others with COVID-19. Staff states that it “will continue to monitor the requirements and guidance from state and local health departments.”

An e-mail sent by and to Anime Central staff suggests that this was a decision made by the Midwest Animation Promotion Society (MAPS) following “lack of support from the venue” and “last-minute communication.”

Anime Central had previously said on Twitter on April 29, 2022 that its COVID-19 safety guidelines would “not change prior to the con.”

Voice actors and convention guests Erica Mendez and Lucien Dodge revealed that masks will be required for attendees who wish to see them at the event.

Anime Central 2022 will take place at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois on May 20-22, 2022.

Source: ANN