Tiger & Bunny 2: Episode 6 – “Youth should be regarded with respect.”

As I expected, this is the episode that focuses on the buddy pairing of Dragon Kid and Magical Cat. It’s shown at the beginning of the episode that Dragon Kid really looks after Magical Cat, and it’s noted by Blue Rose and Fire Emblem that Kid is likely happy to have someone younger than her that she can be a mentor to.

After the latest episode of Hero TV airs, Magical Cat’s mother is convinced that Kid acts nice to her daughter, but that she’s trying to get the spotlight for herself. Cat’s mother had an experience as a tennis player when she was younger, where she felt that her partner was ultimately using her to get ahead. Unfortunately, she decides to project that experience onto what her daughter is doing as well without even trying to get to know Kid. Cat’s mother tells her daughter that the next time they take on a crime, that she needs to get herself into the spotlight. Cat’s mother came across as being quite controlling of her daughter, and I really came to dislike her.

Unfortunately, Cat tries to do what her mother tells her to do, but when she confronts the criminal, she becomes scared and her power doesn’t work. Wild Tiger has to come to her rescue, but there is enough concern that Cat is taken to the hospital. While at the hospital, Cat’s mother starts yelling at Kid and blaming her for her daughter’s accident. Not only that, but she also outright accuses Kid of trying to steal the spotlight from Cat. After Kid leaves the room, Cat’s mother tells her to pretend to do what Kid tells her to do, but when the next crime comes along, that she needs to go off on her own and grab the spotlight.

The story climaxes with Cat trying to do just that, but Cat becomes frightened and can’t use her power again. Kid, Wild Tiger, and Barnaby arrive on the scene to help. Kid tells Cat that she noticed a difference in Cat’s powers between training and actual fighting, and thought that by keeping Cat behind her that she was helping her. Kid apologizes and admits that what she was doing was ultimately holding Cat back. Kid also tells Cat that she believes in her. In the end, Cat takes down the criminal and comes to an understanding with Kid. Unfortunately, Cat’s mother still believes the worst about Kid, and tells her daughter that the two are rivals. I really hope that Cat’s “Yes, Mom” at the end was insincere, because I want this girl to find a backbone and to not follow everything that her mother tells her to.

We get the usual after credits scene to of the two guys going after heroes and Brahe, the person they’re with. This final scene sees Brahe saying that now that they only have 12 more heroes to take down, they need to head to Stern Bild… since there are exactly 12 heroes there. So it looks like the stage is finally being set to get to the scene that opened the first episode of Tiger & Bunny 2. So it appears that I may have been correct in my assertion that this storyline would start to move after having episodes focusing on the various hero buddies. I guess I’m now curious to see how the series will transition to this part of the storyline. Will we have an episode or two to serve as a transition, or is it going to jump right into these three characters arriving in Stern Bild?

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