The episode opens with a group of four people who are part of a club that designs figures. When it’s said that the Detective Boys are coming over to visit, one of the members (Shirahashi) becomes upset because the group is trying to finish their designs before the deadline for an upcoming contest. It turns out that Shirahashi has a lot on the line if he wins the contest and they’re cutting it close to the deadline. So when the Detective Boys first appear, Shirahashi is quite rude to them. The kids are taken to a nearby living room and shown a display of Masked Yaiba figures.

Leading up to the crime, Conan manages to overhear a couple of important conversations. One is of Shirahashi talking on the phone with someone he’s made a deal with. The other is between two of the other members of the club, who reference another member named Yuri who had killed herself a year earlier.

As the group is taking a break (except Shirahashi, because he wants to work on his design uninterrupted), the power goes out and explosions are heard in the studio. Shirahashi is trapped inside the room, and when the police come, they find he has died from smoke inhalation. When Shirahashi was introduced and was portrayed as being a jerk, I knew right away that he was going to be the victim of the crime.

The rest of the episode sees Conan wandering around and picking up pieces of information while the police are conducting their investigation. When it seems like the police have figured out who the guilty party is, Dr. Agasa comes at Conan’s request and thanks to the bowtie trick, Conan uses Agasa to reveal the last piece of information needed to truly reveal who was guilty of the crime.

Unfortunately, if I go into any more detail, I run the risk of giving away spoilers. Ultimately, this was an OK episode for a one-episode murder mystery, although Genta got on my nerves a little. Sometimes, it seems like the writers of the anime like to depict Genta as a kid with little to no common sense, and they used this portrayal a couple of times in this episode. And once again, this was a story featuring the Detective Boys where Ai wasn’t involved, and her absence wasn’t acknowledged. It seems like that, most of the time, the writers of the non-canon filler episodes that feature the Detective Boys forget that Ai even exists. Oh well.

Next week is another one-episode mystery, and hopefully it’ll be stronger than this one. “The Figure of Revenge” wasn’t a bad episode, per se, but it wasn’t quite as strong as it could have been.

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