Spy x Family: Episode 5 – “WILL THEY PASS OR FAIL?”

The episode opens with Loid, Yor, and Anya going to Eden College to see the posted results for who was accepted. On their way there, they encounter some kind of bad luck (Yor’s bracelet breaks, a black cat crosses their path, and Anya steps in poop). Not surprisingly, after what happened in the previous episode, Anya isn’t on the posted list of admitted applicants.

But just as all hope seems lost, Housemaster Henderson pulls the three of them aside and shows them the confidential list of students on the waiting list… and Anya is on the top of the list. If any of the accepted applicants withdraws, Anya is guaranteed admission. Housemaster Henderson reassures them that there are always some withdrawals, so they should go home and wait for the call.

Three days later, the call comes. Franky comes over right after Loid gets off the phone with his congratulations and bearing some alcohol. As Franky and Yor are getting drunk, Anya says she wants Loid to do something for her. Anya shows him something called “Bondman,” where the protagonist (Bondman) rescues a princess trapped in a castle, and says she wants to be rescued from a castle, too. Even though Franky is on the tipsy side, he manages to convince Loid that he can arrange for a castle but that Loid needs to provide transportation. It was so amusing how Loid is able to use the leverage of “Operation Strix” in order to get the transportation they need, and then later, the people he needs to pull off Anya’s wish.

The majority of the episode focuses on Loid, Franky, and Yor making Anya’s wish come true as a reward for getting into Eden College. This episode was more light-hearted than usual and provided a lot of laughs, but after how tense last week’s episode was, I think this one was needed to lighten the mood. Also, it provides a nice break between the interview process and Anya officially joining Eden College’s student body.

But even with all the humor and light-heartedness, there was still a wonderful scene between Loid and Anya near the end the episode. The fun they have at the castle serves as a bonding moment for the father and daughter of this “found family.” While Yor was there, she was so drunk that she eventually passes out. I doubt she’s going to remember that any of this ever happened.

Spy x Family is still as entertaining and strong as it was in the first episode, and I hope that it can continue to maintain this quality. I’ve really been enjoying this series, and I look forward to watching it every week. Next week, it looks like Anya will be starting at Eden College, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens to her when she doesn’t have Loid and Yor to play off of quite as much.

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