Tiger & Bunny 2: Episode 5 – “Live and let live.”

This is another episode where one of the hero buddy pairs has a fight, and Kotetsu and Barnaby are brought into the story to help patch things up. Rock Bison is out drinking with Origami Cyclone, and asks about Origami’s name. Rock Bison makes a comment about Origami being more like a light breeze instead of a cyclone, and Origami becomes offended. Rock Bison tries to apologize, but Origami doesn’t want to hear it.

Later, Origami tells Barnaby about the origin of his hero name and why Rock Bison’s comment hurt him so much. As a viewer, I liked getting this backstory for Origami. It makes a lot of sense, and it does help to explain a little more why he prefers to be in the background. Origami asks Barnaby to share his story with Rock Bison, and he does. When Rock Bison wants to apologize again after hearing the story, Subaru (aka Mr. Black) decides he just has to butt in. Unfortunately, Origami gets the wrong idea and becomes even more upset with Rock Bison.

As Rock Bison is chasing him down the street, they witness a bank robbery in progress, and they make it into the building to try to save the hostages. Kotetsu and Barnaby are also nearby, and end up playing a role in capturing the robbers. But, as you can probably predict, Rock Bison and Origami work together to save the day and clear up any misunderstandings afterward.

Barnaby gets a minor story element in this episode as well. During a meet and greet with the heroes, Barnaby encounters someone who had been a friend of his during his childhood. While this isn’t an overall important part of the plot, but near the end of the episode, we get to see that Barnaby now has someone to spend time with outside of Kotetsu and his plants. So the question here, I think, is whether the reappearance of his old friend could start affecting Kotetsu and Barnaby’s partnership.

With the hero buddy system still being so new, it’s not surprising that these early episodes are focusing on the growing pains that this new system is having on the heroes. I believe the only hero buddies that haven’t been focused on yet are the pairings of Dragon Kid and Magical Cat and Kotetsu and Barnaby. In some respects, you could probably argue that all of the first season focused on Kotetsu and Barnaby’s issues, so they really don’t need an episode in Season Two to highlight them.

And again, after the ending credits, we see the two guys who have been going around and attacking heroes having a meal with the third person that appeared at the end of the previous episode. They get asked how many heroes they’ve attacked, and it seems like one of the guys is the leader, while the second basically is a “yes man” to the other. The “leader” of the two gives a number, and the other guy just happily goes along with it after not being able to come up with a number on his own. While I’m glad we’re still seeing hints of these characters at the end of each episode, I really hope their storyline will start coming more to the forefront sooner rather than later. From the beginning of the first episode, we know they’re going to be important… but it’s just taking a little while to get them to where they need to be in order to get to the plot point hinted at during the beginning of the first episode.

But at this point, I’m expecting at least one more episode focusing on a hero buddy group having some kind of a misunderstanding, and Kotetsu and Barnaby somehow get involved. Hopefully after that, the storyline with the two guys attacking heroes will begin to truly progress.

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