Case Closed: Episode 1042 – “Police Academy Arc Wild Police Story CASE. Hagiwara Kenji”

This is another episode that focuses on Rei’s time at the police academy. From the title, you can already tell that Kenji is going to be the focus of the episode. But it turns out that Jinpei, Hagiwara’s childhood friend, has an important development in this episode as well, when the two of them are approached about joining the riot police’s bomb squad. Jinpei is all for it, while Kenji is unsure. Because of witnessing his father’s shop going bankrupt after things were going so well, Kenji is hesitant about moving forward when things are looking good (or, as he says, he “puts on the brakes”).

We also get a brief bit for Morofushi’s story, and it seems he might be getting closer to getting a lead on the man who killed his parents. Unfortunately, before he can go any further, a runaway truck with a car attached to the back of it on accident, comes flying by. Morofushi and Wataru start out trying to follow the truck, and discover that the driver of the truck is unconscious. Since it’s a runaway truck, Morofushi calls Rei for assistance, since he’s closer than the police or fire departments. Rei, Kenji, and Jinpei go to help. Jinpei, of course, comes up with reckless ideas on how to try to bring the situation under control. During the climax, Kenji remembers what Jinpei said earlier about “stepping on the gas,” and uses this as the way to get himself and Rei out of the situation that they find themselves facing.

This episode ended up being important to develop Kenji’s character. Not only did the audience get to learn a little more about his past, but the offer to join the bomb squad and Kenji’s interactions and conversations with Jinpei make him realize that he’s been holding himself back. Also, seeing Jinpei being approached to join the bomb squad is an important development, because this becomes a major aspect of his character after he graduates from the academy. Having this episode air so close to when the Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween anime film was released in Japanese theaters also makes sense, since Jinpei and his being part of the bomb squad during his career is an important aspect of that film.

I thought this was another good episode about Rei’s time in the police academy. We still need an episode that focuses on Morofushi’s story, and I expect we’ll get that story at some point in the future. There have been enough hints dropped about it in the three police academy stories we’ve already seen, as well as the fact that the other three characters had episodes focusing on them, so it seems safe to say that Morofushi will get his own episode as well.

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